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Sunday, September 16, 2012

bring in the new

Fall is definitely in the air over here and I am bringing in the new! I am doing all sorts of experiments with my paintings...this is a brand new one right here; it's on a 7 Gypsies Kraft bookboard. It can take lots of layers and drips and textures and I like the fact that I can cut them to size!  I find that when I am working on a bookboard or journal page, I am looser than on canvas. Hmmmm!
Also...I picked up these books from the library and am having tons of fun trying out some of the techniques:* Art at the Speed of Life-Pam Carriker
* Surface Treatment Workshop-McElroy + Wilson
* Craft Corps- Vickie Howell (which is brimming with good advice, wisdom and inspiration)
I also have some over the top amazing great news!!! I won an e-course with Mati Rose and Wilo on Kelly Rae Roberts giveaway last week!!! I just found out about it yesterday and am amazed and excited beyond belief. This is exactly what I need!!! I am thankful and grateful x million!! What a way to bring in the new!!
Other stuff going on over here??
Just settling into fall...stocking up on tea (my current fave is Republic of Tea (Blackberry Sage...yum) and Yogi Tea (Chai Black). I am also trying out loose leaf and dried flowers. And a few days ago we went fall/winter shopping for Tara and I am amazed at her sassy sense of style (she picks out her clothing now!!) and how much she is growing. Even shoes I bought her a few months ago don't fit anymore! And I am still in slowing down mode...trying to fit in self care every single day (meditation, music, a cup of hot tea with a fave mag)...and since we subscribe to OWN now...I wind down in the evenings with a little bit of Oprah:) And true to my word...I am wearing lots of prints these days. It's making me feel a little dangerous and bold, let me tell you!
 The other evening we had some neighbors over for dinner and I kinda' blew it by putting my foot in my mouth. Big time!!  And then I came across this quote by Iyanla Vanzant that I am really going to try and implement in all of my relationships + interactions..."Speaking consciously is evaluated by the question: Are my words kind, necessary, and for the highest good of everyone involved?" So true, so true. So I chose to eat some humble pie...and practice being a better person. just have to take a deep breath and better:) Bring in the new.


ArtPropelled said...

Congratulations on winning the e-course Soraya. What a treat!Your latest painting is looking good with the techniques you are experimenting with. I would love to browse through your local library!

laurie said...

here's to all the new goodness you are welcoming into your life! we have all misspoke at times but it takes a lot of courage to admit it, sit with it, learn from it, and move on. love your bright print shirt!