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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

play(time) + projects

In the midst of unpacking and sorting and settling in and painting and ...we are finding time to play. It is summer after all...and it's just flying right on by, isn't it?? Not taking anything too seriously...just relaxing and keeping things simple + fun. Good combination:) This is Tara's creativity center . I turned the landing at the bottom of the stairs (usually a totally wasted space) into a fun and comfy creativity center (step by step on how I did it coming soon).
A few home projects I am working on right now:
*I am planning out  a mudroom in our garage (it's a total must over here in the winter, especially with all the walking/outdoor activity we do). We don't want to spend a fortune but want it to be functional and durable. Thinking maybe Ikea + Home Depot???
* I am turning a small corner of my studio into my sewing area. I'm thinking simple + fun.
* sewing cushions for...everywhere!!!! I have a total cushion fetish and it's a simple + cheap way to bring color and pattern into a space. Also making floor cushions since we usually end up sitting there:)
* my office in a closet is coming together and I am loving it!!! Comfy and so cosy (pics soon!!)
* clearing out a lot of junk that we never use. Donating + repurposing.

* and this super simple/fun trick. I turned one of Tara's headbands into a necklace for me!!! So cute...Always wanted to wear roses around my neck. Now...why didn't I think of this before???

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Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Hi Soraya! Thank you for coming over and saying "Hi." :) I LOVE Tara's creative space. How fun!! I can't wait to read about it. I love crafty, home projects - which totally explains my addiction to home & craft blogs too. :) Have a beautiful rest of the week!