My He(ART)-Full Life

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

over here

Over here these days:
* unpacking our boxes and trying to fully settle in
* just picked up a jar of cashew butter (delicious!!)
* painting up a storm in my studio
* just received some super exciting news today (can't wait to share!!)
* finally decided on the sewing machine I want to get
* actually getting a reasonable amount of sleep (!!!)
* am so taking everything in about my girl Tara...she is a star shining bright
* enjoying movie nights with Tim (the last one we watched was 3 days with Russell Crowe...fantastic)
* catching up on summer reading (sitting outside sipping homemade lemonade)
* frustrated + hopeful + excited + nervous about the direction of my art
Other than that...I am feeling very boring + blah these if I have nothing important to say. But I do hope that you are doing well + your summer is full of all things fun. xxx

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