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Sunday, July 1, 2012

on writing (and rewriting) our stories

We all have stories...stories within stories; it's what we are made of deep down in our souls. But...are they ours??? That's the question I have been asking mySELF depth. Of course some of them are wholly ours, inside and out. But what I am discovering is that so many many more are not mine at all. Sure...I have claimed them and made them mine...without question. But after identifying and writing them down...I realise that they were stories that were handed over to me by people who were in my life at various, relatives, friends, lovers. People I have loved, trusted, looked up to + adored at some point. But now I feel stifled by them. These stories that are not mine to hold and keep and live anymore. Even the ones that are entirely mine...that were at some point but no longer fit me, no longer work for me.

So...I am rewriting my stories. We can do that, you know!!!!  For so many years I wasn't even aware that was a possibility. So all of those stories that are floating around in my conscious + subconscious mind...I have been getting them out on paper; into the light where I can see them. do you get stuff out of your subconscious if it's buried so deep down in there?? It's a little tricky, like a puzzle but entirely possible. The clues are everywhere...starting with assessing my relationships and the quality of my life. Starting with asking questions that matter to me. Am I happy? What makes me happy?? Am I doing the work I want to do? How can I make peace with thingsI cannot change/have no control over? What does success mean to me? Am I authentic in my realtionships... in my life? Am I growing, loving, living, learning???

And being honest right here on my blog. I confess that (sometimes) it is quite scary to write out my heart and life and send it out into the vast unknown...but deep down I know that it is healing and empowering. To myself. And to you, dear reader. It's what connects us...heart to heart, soul to soul. On this journey that we are all in...together. When we are honest with our sharing...when there is no malice, ill intent or playing the victim...we have the potential to heal ourSELVES + others.
So...are you ready to write (and rewrite) your stories???
**Update on the Colorado wildfires. We are fine over here, thank you so much for the concerned + loving e-mails. However, so many others are not. Colorado has officially been declared a disaster area and the fires are still not contained. It's pretty scary how life can change in a minute. Just counting our blessings over here.


SooZeQue said...

You always amaze me how you can write so much of what I feel, but can't express it. You have an art for that. I've been thinking about you and the fires hoping all was ok and it wouldn't be to close to you. Such a tragic deal. We need to pray to rain gods for AZ, NM, CO.

Beth said...

Wow. I really needed to read this. I have recently begun chafing at a lot of old stories, for various reasons. It is so freeing to know that those can be rewritten! Thank you for this.

jane said...

Writing(and even KNOWING what to write) about our lives and loves and journeys is a wonderful process, and I think the act of writing (or painting or collaging!) opens up the path to change...and your words encourage me! xx

laurie said...

i'm glad you are back and, as always, asking the important questions that make us dig deep into ourselves. i have been writing a lot lately, just for myself, because the process is similar to that of tidying up a messy room = deeply satisfying.