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Monday, June 18, 2012

10 things you may (or may not) know about me

I am done reading Susannah Conway's book ("This I Know") and this is an exercise from one of the chapters. I thought it would be fun to do and maybe you can write one up yourself! goes (deep breath) ...10 things you may or may not know about me:
1. I can curse a blue streak. I'm not particularly proud of this...but there you go.
2. In another life...I am an Alvin Ailey dancer. soaring through the air in perfect rhythmic grace + power. Sigh.
3. I've never been accused of being practical.
4. I'm a work in progress. Always.
5. I'm a hopeless idealist. I love that about mySELF.

6. I'm a cheap drunk. Give me  glass of 3$ wine and that's it. I can also throw down a glass of Jack Daniels. I don't anymore. But I can:)
7. I'm really good with words; I can remember entire poems + passages I've read years ago...but completely hopeless with numbers/dates. It drives my hubby nuts that I can't remember our home phone number etc!!
8. Although strangely enough...I'm never late. ever. Okay...rarely:)
9. I love Flamenco music and dancing. The passion + fire sets me alight.
10. I am equal parts introvert + extrovert. Part of me relishes my privacy + another (equally strong) part of me loves reaching out + connecting. Maybe you already knew that about me???

So...there you go. Oh yeah. I am brave. and I suspect you are too:)
Maybe you can try writing out your own list ???


ArtPropelled said...

Thanks Soraya...I enjoyed your list!

patty said...

OK, I'm with you on #1 and #6. I'm probably more practical and I am occasionally late. But the one I really resonated with was #10. I took a personality test once and it said that I was on the borderline between intro and extro. I still remember these exact words (yes, I can do that too!)"Don't be surprised if you feel like an introvert one day and an extrovert the next". It surprised me because I thought I was more to the intro side.... interesting. Anyway, love your list!
On the road tomorrow...

laurie said...

this is a great way to share interesting info about yourself with others. i love that you can curse and drink!! you are such a full, well rounded person. :-)

jane said...

The most important one is that you are brave...and your courage helps all of out there in the world trying to be brave....xx