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Sunday, March 11, 2012

heart to heart

(self portrait with reading glasses)
Over the last few weeks I have been thinking about a blog makeover (which I sorely need), and started writing down thoughts, inspirations and goals in my journal. Initially I felt maybe I was putting in too much personal stuff on my know, and not enough art/biz stuff. but after some introspection I decided that I bring all of me to my art so it just makes sense that it would translate into my blog as well; I don't separate the two. Because of all my personal and unique experiences...I create the art + write the way I do.  So...the personal stuff stays and I will try not to post too many pics of Tara:). Then...for design etc...I pretty much like things the way they are but maybe simplify things a bit?? Not sure yet. And I want all of my stuff in one place (website/press/blog etc)...still working on how I can make it all happen.

(See Me True, prints available soon!!)
And most do I want my blog to feel?? what kind of experience do I want you, the reader, to have? How can I connect heart to heart/ soul to soul? Not so easy to answer these questions...still working on them!!
**A few weeks ago I got reading glasses for the very first time...still adjusting to them. Tara is fascinated with the "eye bubbles" as she calls them and thinks they are so pretty.
And this is my girl Tara. She picks out all of her own clothes, won't pose for pics and comes up with 100 amazing new things every day. I look at her baby pics and can't believe she was ever that tiny!! Where did the time go??


scrapwordsmom said...

Tara is darling. I hope you know we all love seeing least I do:) Always, always, always share your heart, Soraya!


SooZeQue said...

Welcome to the over 40 crowd.... it comes with reading glasses. You just be you cuz that's awesome. Do what you feel that will always make it real. Big show this weekend then headed to NM after that. busy busy

ArtPropelled said...

Eye bubbles .... classic!
Soraya, I like everything about your blog. It's a friendly feel-good environment to visit no matter what the topic is. Do what feels comfortable for you. No matter what changes you make it will still have the Soraya warmth.

Kelly said...

I hope you don't stop showing pics of Tara! I love watching her grow. :)
And, no matter what you decide to do, you will be you, and you will draw just the right people to you, for just the right reason, at just the right time (I think). :)