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Sunday, March 18, 2012

claiming my space

My studio is almost done...really!! And as I set things up, I started thinking about how important it is to claim our  space (physically and mentally) for our work. When I was a teen, I used my sketchbooks as a portable studio. They were part diary/sketchbook/ideas/hopes/dreams + poetry. Boyfriend/life troubles + art + places I wanted to travel etc were side by side. But it was my safe place to be who I wanted to be; it held possibility and a world far larger than the myopic one I lived in at the time. A world that was full of pain, troubles, lies, deceit and horrible dysfunction. A world I did not belong in and wanted no part of. I create my workspace...I realise how essential it is to establish boundaries around what we do. Creating comes from a tender, vulnerable place...doesn't we need to protect it and provide a sanctuary where it can flourish. It doesn't have to be a separate room or super large + can be a small table, a closet, a sketchbook/journal. The main thing, I think, is for us to claim our space; it's the intention.

I have tons + tons of African mask collection/quotes/journals/art supplies/music (Italian Opera + Indian classical), audio tapes (Dr. + need!!!) incense etc etc. Lots of light + color + pattern = good energy. But more studio is a place that holds the sacred seeds of possibility.
* studio pics coming soon!!!
OMG!!! My baby is riding a big girl bike!!!


scrapwordsmom said...

You are sooo right. We all need our space. I need to tidy mine up again. Can't wait to see yours!!!

That growing right up.

Rani said...

love this true!!! Looking forward to seeing your studio. My things are in the shed and I have to keep going out and bringing things in and trading, etc. ONe day, I hop eto have my own space...right now it's the kitchen table and my computer desk....Such is life! Congrats to your girl for riding her bike!

jane said...

Love the theme of "possibility"...Soraya, and yes, that's it! xo jane

laurie said...

i am really looking forward to seeing the photos of your studio as my own needs some attention these days and i know you will inspire me to give it some tlc!

SooZeQue said...

I think I've claimed every room in my house as my space. However, I do wish I had one room organized enough just to do certain crafts in. Maybe soon that will happen. So now that the studio is ready - I'll be waiting for all those beautiful spirited ladies to appear.

Kelly said...

Yay Tara! You go girl! :) Hey, if you're still having 'fun' with the HTML stuff, just email me. I will help with what I can.