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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

sparkles and smiles

Tara was all sparkles and smiles (as you can see!!) and, not surprisingly, most of the gifts from Santa were for her:) Our realtor had this huge teddy and adorable tree all decked out and waiting for us so Tara wouldn't be without one this year. Thanks so much dear sweet Illona-you are an angel!!

We had a relaxed Xmas day...opening up gifts in the morning....Tara's fave was her princess "big girl" bike. And then we had a laid back lunch. I meant to take lots of pics but once the wine and laughter and chatting and eating started...I forgot all about it!! I don't even have a single family pic. from this Xmas. Oh well...I have so many great memories, stories, laughter, precious moments all kept right here in my heart.

Well...we took it easy on Xmas day but have been working non-stop since then!! Trying to move into our new house (which is simply beautiful)...I picked out the paint color for my studio (it's  a gorgeous sunflower yellow)...planning all sorts of projects for Tara's nursery. I am so excited and we are very very happy to be settling in. When I  look out the windows....I see snow (lots and lots) and mountains and trees. Peaceful and beautiful. I have so much to share...I hope you all had a wonderful Xmas as well and I will be visiting blogs and getting back to e-mails soon...I promise. xxx


patty said...

Hey, you don't need a LOT of pics, just a few good ones and you have a real keeper there of Tara in her fancy dress with the teddy. Priceless!! So glad you have made the transition and that you love your new home and that you have a VIEW - yea!!! Can't wait to hear more.... don't forget to send me your address!! XOX

laurie said...

it sounds as though you have christened your new home with the first of many, many holidays and other special family times. i can't wait to see pics of your new bright and cheery studio!