My He(ART)-Full Life

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

opening up space

         (the last painting on my easel before everything got packed away) entire studio is all packed away!! It was so difficult to put things away half completed when ideas are just jumping all around my brain and my fingers are just itching to paint...But...I decided that I am going to use this month or so off from painting to open up space to do other things.  I have a delicious stack of books I have put aside to read. One of the things about balancing motherhood with, well, just about anything else (!!)  is that I have to prioritise and things that I really love doing often get put on the back burner for...months and months!

(yesterday morning...writing at my makeshift desk)
I am going to have some time now to do lots of writing in my journal and blog...and think about the goals I want to work toward in the upcoming year (just around the corner I can't believe!!). I always get pretty self reflective around this time of about you?? And I am hoping that the Xmas spirit will kind of sneak up on me one of these days. But we have been so busy and just doesn't feel like Xmas this year! Not yet anyway.

                                              (display stand at Barnes and Noble)
Hopefully I will also have some time to go on a few artist dates (library, coffee shops, fabric stores, art many possibilities) Hopefully I can fully immerse mySELF in Tara's last month of the two's (can you believe she turns 3 next month!!). The other day she said to me "Mom, I need some privacy" and then went into her room and closed the door!! Excuse me??? Did I miss something here?? is super full over here...and despite all the hard work and's good.


jane said...

OH "ARTIST DATES"...yes! Can I come along? xo

Janet said...

I'm sure when you finally do get your paints out again, you'll have tons of new ideas and new art to create. And in the meantime you have more time for Tara as she enters another year of discovery and fun.

Kelly said...

I have been really self reflective lately. (I don't like it! But, I know it means change, and that is a good thing.) Hope you're hanging in there. :)

ArtPropelled said...

Yes self reflection goes well with this time of the year and today I also decided to pack my work away so that I can do all my Christmas shopping etc. Can't believe Tara will be 3 soon!