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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SFMOMA...Picasso, Matisse and much much more

                                                    (the Stein Collection at SFMOMA)
A definite highlight of our trip for me was my visit to the SFMOMA. I seriously lucked out because the current exhibition is a roomful of the most amazing art. Picasso, Matisse, Cezanne and so much more...I could barely stand it! I had never seen so many Picasso's before! Just being in the presence of so many masterpieces was an amazing experience. I spent over 3 hours just drinking it all in. The whole collection was based on Gertrude Stein and her brother Leo's collection of art when they lived in Paris. There is a very delicious and complicated story as to how they acquired the pieces and how their relationship (sadly)unravelled.
(an entire room of Klee!)
As if all those Picassos weren't enough...they have a permanent collection that is over the top as well! An entire room of Klee...enough to make you swoon. A Frieda Kahlo, a Diego Rivera and a Raushenburg...These pieces of art filled every atom of my being and will sustain me...forever.

         (writing in my journal...postcard is Francis Picabia-portrait of Gertrude Stein)
I left the museum walking on cloud 9...buzzing with inspiration, ideas and sheer gratitude that I was able to see this historic collection.  These pieces were brought together from all over the world  to be a part of the Stein Exhibition. It was a once in a lifetime experience.                             

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