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Thursday, July 7, 2011

notes from the road

(Morrow Bay)
*We are on our way back home and Tim and I both more road trips for a while!!! Well, not long ones, anyway. It's just too hard on Tara-poo. She was such perfect little traveller on the way there but then...coming back, it was all too much and she started wiggin' out! Totally expected and surprised it didn't happen sooner! We are stopping every few hours and getting her out playing and running around, singing nursery rhymes in the car etc. We were going to do Disney on the way back but...that's a separate trip! Now...why is the drive back sooooo much longer???
(March AFB)
*this road trip has really been a turning point for me in so many ways. Just a week ago, I was feeling tired, uninspired and ...well, stale! But there is just something about travelling that seems to open up places inside of us that, while they may have been there all along, get ignited by stepping outside our worlds of routine.
(my two fave people on the planet!)
* marriage is difficult! Even when you are with the right person. Even when you are the right person. There are so many levels of intimacy and trust, communication and closeness. After 5 years...there is a  real deepening of our marriage, love and friendship and family takes work and heart and commitment.
(Diego Rivera, The Flower Carrier, SFMOMA)
*I have become so interested in altered books, assemblage and journaling. I strongly feel a need to experiment, play, learn. My art wants to change too... I don't know where it wants to go...but I am listening. I want to tell the deep stories of my heart, journey wide and deep within mySELF and find my best self while still honoring all my ugly pieces. I don't have to discard them or pretend that they aren't there...these pieces of fear, insecurity, shame, inadequacies...I want to  honor and accept them.
*my heart is full...with gratitude, thanks and love


jane said...

This is all good stuff, Soraya...xx jane

Carola Bartz said...

Long trips can get tough for the little ones. It will get better, though (at least it did for us). Whenever we go away, I very soon feel that itch coming up, that I want to create something; I write every day, I get creative with my photography, but there is still this other itch (painting...). It definitely open our eyes, changes us in our moods and feelings, makes us want to start something new... Isn't the MOMA wonderful? I'm so glad you went there.

laurie said...

sounds like you did some heavy thinking on the road. i agree that travel makes you journey within yourself and is necessary for a full life.