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Sunday, June 5, 2011

mini retreat goodness

(isn't this just dreamy?)
This Saturday I attended a mini retreat hosted by Patty . The weather was perfect and it was held in an old house in the stunningly gorgeous Brengle Terrace Gardens. Of course I meant to take a gazillion pics but I was too busy gabbing and creating and soaking it all in.
                                               (The Blessing Tree, outdoor sculpture)
There were honest talks and sharing, a waterfall and some yoga...a deliciously satisfying lunch and soul-full talks. There are stunningly beautiful outdoor sculptures all over the perfect harmony with nature yet still making a statement. There was art making and laugh making and such good energy. Well...before you know was all over!!
  (a pic of the gang of us!)
Meanwhile...Tara spent the whole day with Tim. I was a bit concerned because this was the longest I had ever left her...but boy! did she get the royal treatment! Hair salon (!!!), new shoes and lunch with daddy!
*Hope you all had a great weekend too!


kelly said...

That sounds wonderful! XO

jane said...

It was such a lovely day, wasn't it? The Garden, the sculptures, the art-making, the conversations, and I got to meet little Tara too - a bonus! Great to see you!

patty said...

Oh, I love reading this!! I'm so so happy you could join us and hope it was a refreshing and renewing day away for you!

Kelly Berkey said...

sounds like a wonderful time!