My He(ART)-Full Life

Saturday, June 18, 2011

a few goodies!

(last weekend at the San Diego Zoo-Tara exceeding her 2 hour max!!)
"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."   -Marcel Proust  (Just discovered this quote in the current O mag. LOVE!!)
*Looking so forward to Father's Day tomorrow!! I planned a few wonderful surprises and gifts. So excited!!
* interested in what's going on over here next week
*thinking of signing up for this class over here if I can manage the time
*just getting around to reading my new camera manual (it was a Mother's Day gift!!!)
* Tara received a beeeeeyooootiful gift of fairy wings...all the way from Australia!! You can only imagine her excitement...flitting around the house:)
*I just discovered Pinterest. OMG!!! Brilliant, fun and...addicting!!!
* I finally figured out how to make a blog badge. I am not sure if it actually works (!!!) but if you read my blog...please consider grabbing one; it's in the upper left side bar.
I hope you all have a wonderful, marvelous weekend full of...goodies of every kind!!


alison said...

happy father's day to tim and have a great family time! yes, i love pinterest too, my dream board just expanded exponentially! lol!

happy weekend!

patty said...

Hi Soraya, hope you are busy celebrating father's day... That quote would have been a perfect one for the inner gardening retreat! I am too afraid to even look at pinterest - don't need yet another thing to keep me at the computer....Glad you are liking it tho! The links don't seem to work, but I'll try grabbing a button. Thanks again for the baby-seat - just perfect for Molly!!

ArtPropelled said...

Lovely family portrait! Oh dear Tara does look ready to go home...NOW! My latest addiction is Tumblr in between being very busy. You must think I've left the blog world Soraya. I'm neglecting my blog friends but do think of you often.

SooZeQue said...

Seriously Woman - Did you have to share "pinterest". OMG I can't stop looking at all the fun things. I waste enough time on this computer now it just got worse. You guys are so cute!

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Oh my heavenly loveliness...I just discovered Pinterest too! So fun...right!? The Demdaco/KRR giveaways this week - LOVE! And I am loving your blog button... I am grabbing it! :) Have a beautiful week!