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Thursday, April 21, 2011

"bird on your shoulder"

I just caught the last little bit of Tuesdays with Morrie. I read the book..quite a few years back and there are so many gems of truth that really speak to me. We live in culture that hides, denies, lies about death. We really do. We want to live forever but...we don't want to age! We either never really think we are going to die...or that it is so far away we don't pay much attention to it. But we never really know, do we?

(archival print availble here)
There is  a line in the movie where Morrie talks about "a bird on your shoulder". He explains that Buddhists imagine  there is a bird on their shoulder and every morning..they this my last day, am I ready for death? He says...we would live our lives very differently if we acknowledged is finite. We would ask questions like "what does my heart really tell me", "what am I scared of and why?". We wouldn't save up our joy for special occasions like Xmas and birthdays...we would practice courageous living every day...every moment. That's what I want to do...I know (for me) it gets difficult when things are super hectic and I am stressed and Tara is right smack in the middle of  a tantrum...But with all my heart...I want to just be able to take a deep breath and realise what a gift life is...right in that very moment . I won't be here forever calm her down, hold her, love her, kiss her. I really won't...and that makes all the difference...doesn't it? Just that perspective alone...changes me. I am going to with  a bird on my shoulder.


scrapwordsmom said...

Just wanted to remind you that you inspire me soooo very much!! I am going to try and outbid everyone on your art piece for the auction...I want it so bad:)

Your post yesterday was wonderful!!!


Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Your art and words are always so beautiful! :) XO, Jen

laurie said...

such a great philosophy. i'm going to acknowledge my little bird from now on. :-)

patty said...

Soraya, I didn't know when we talked about this today that you had written about it. I did see that movie a long time ago but didn't remember about the bird. What a beautiful reminder! So, so true, we get caught up in all the details and forget so easily what's really important. Thanks for this lovely reminder!!

kelly said...

I love this! It makes me want to start singing Zippity Do Da. I hope I can always keep this in mind. :)

Wini said...

Dear Soraya, what beautiful inspiration! Thank you for reminding me to practice courageous living every day. I love your painting too. Happy Easter! Wini xo

Katarina Silva said...

This painting is so gorgeous! I love the colors, the bird, the expression and the message! Thank you for this EMPOWERING offering! So delighted to find you, and your blog and art through Rita Banerji. I look forward to exploring it more! :-)