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Sunday, March 20, 2011

the story of my art

                                                      (typewriter at an antique store)
Some stories are too difficult to carry around. Some taste like ash in your mouth, others feel like they might rend you in two. That’s why we have a Story Catcher in our village.The Story Catcher takes your stories as you tell them truly—things that make your bones tremble and your muscles shiver, things you might only be able to whisper in the dark. She receives them as happily as a person making a ripe purchase at market.
She gathers all of them from the old ones to those wee ones just learning to give thoughts shape with their lips, and she holds them in her memory, tends them with her heart.
Then, when we’re ready, the Story Catcher gives us back our tales, on a day when we need to be reminded that we once were brave or that we once were rescued. That we might be so again.
                                                                                --from The Story Catcher, by Jen Lee

(footsteps on the journey)
Recently I was asked by a fellow classmate (BYW) what the story of my art is. This question has been on my mind ever since. The story of my art is really the story of mySELF. And perhaps you can see parts of yourSELVES too...because in a way, all of our stories are related, interconnected ..ONE. The details may differ but the inner journey is the same...the journey to SELF, to wholeness, to integrating all of our fragments and broken pieces. And we all get broken on this journey through myriad of ways. Aren't we all completely demolished  many times on this loss, betrayal, deep and abiding sorrow? People who try to make us feel ashamed of our vulnerabilities are only doing so because they haven't claimed theirs. Perhaps what they don't know is the claiming of our broken-ness lie the seeds of our whole-ness. The question then is we stay broken or do we put our pieces back together? Do we stay bitter, crippled and shattered...or do we collect our parts like the precious jewels they are and wear them so proudly...with the dignity and grace they deserve?
                               (photographing  prints  for  my Etsy shop this weekend)
The story of my art is the collecting of these precious pieces...whole pieces + broken pieces...stringing them together like pieces of gold and silver, lapis and them voice...air and breath and light. Claiming them and in the process...claiming our whole and precious SELVES.


Painting DVD said...

Great site! Nice content and works! Keep it up!...Daniel

SooZeQue said...

You have summed it up quite beautifully! With you're many talents have you considered writing? You already have the lovely paintings to go with your words.
PS.. I always love the "word verification" Halizeds! sounds like a new tribe. :D

Lis said...

You've nailed it! This is really is The Journey ... forgetting and then trying to remember ourselves ... and to choose to fully embrace ourselves, our lives and find perfection within the imperfections.

And can I come over and play in your gorgeous studio space? Such yummy things surrounding you!

xo Lis

Lis said...

fyi ... you are my inspiration for this monday ... honestly, your words capture what i believe and feel. thank you for doing all the work of putting them down for me! now i can just create :)

xo Lis

kelly said...

This is just beautiful and you know I see myself in your art. That's why I love it so much!

Louise said...

Thank you for sharing the Story Catcher, Soraya - I love it. Any lover of stories wants to collect them and have them do their work. I love too that your art can transform brokenness into jewels. That is a great story.

scrapwordsmom said...

I was so broken broken in fact I could not forgive myself and felt like I would never be truly happy. Thankfully I have forgiven me of my past and have found true art plays a huge part in that.

I have always loved that piece with the bird, HOw much will that be, Soraya?

journeyseeds said...

This is one of my favorite quotes. You are speaking very much about the work I do...Lovely.

Hearthandmade said...

i LOVE your shoes!! And your new etsy prints. I would love to do a post about your art on my blog maybe next week.. is that ok? I was going to go through your etsy shop and find ones to feature. Let me know if its ok so i can start drafting!

desha peacock said...

Hi Soraya, love this post. I am so new at this, so forgive me, I hit link to post and just put it on my blog. Is that okay? I was hoping the pictures would come up, but just the link did. Maybe you could email a photo to go with the link? fellow BYW student, desha