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Thursday, March 17, 2011

reading room Friday

I don't quite know how this is going to work but I want to post a regular column on my personal book reviews. I am a bookworm, a book fiend, a voracious get the point! So I thought I would share books that I think are just over the top fantastic. It's still all in the hatching I am not sure if I would write a post every Friday, or or even once  a month? I would appreciate any input you may have...Well, lets start shall we!
This book right here Collage Techniques by Gerald Brommer is indispensable in my studio. I bought it many years ago and constantly refer to it. He covers basic materials and techniques, all kinds of papers (washi, stained, prepared, found) + photos and fabric. He also has chapters on design, still life, portrait, abstract and includes tons of artists in this book. A few faves...Stephen Quiller (he lives in Colorado and I love his collaged landscapes), Alexander Nepote (I love his abstracts + light...very minimalist) and of course..I love Brommers work! He captures mood and atmosphere perfectly.This book is chock full of tips and techniques and it has changed the way I work.
* A few tips I have picked up about books...
-If I want to purchase a specific book, I check Alibris first (they have great prices!) and then Amazon for new releases.
-I shop used bookstores to just generally look for books that interest me.
-when I lived in Canada I used the library all the time..our system is fantastic up there. In the U.S. I find it depends on where you live; some libraries are great and some are really inadequate.
If you have any tips you would like to share..I would love to know!
**Oh!! I have been tinkering with my blog (new header + a few other things here and there)...nothing major but please let me know what you think! I am a bit afraid to mess around with it too much...I have this recurring nightmare where I think my whole blog will just disappear into space!! Thanks so much!!


Diane said...

Thanks so much for this book review--it's one book that I don't have--I will definitely check it out!
I love your header--it reflects you as an artist.

vegetarianirvana said...

Hi Soraya
I found you through Majology.Your blog is such a visual feast and I can relate to your reflections on life etc and your daughter is just too adorable. I love love books, currently reading 'half broke horses' with my friends. Will look out for your reviews.

eva diva said...

Hi Soraya, I'm a voracious and ferocious reader bordering to being addictive to books. So you can imagine my appreciation and gratitude for doing this book review.

I usually turn up at the bookstore and feel it's troublesome to ask the people to unwrap art books for me. I think this doesn't happen in the States but bookstores in Malaysia wrap up their expensive books. eeeeks! So it's great that you share what books you think are great, I'm noting it down so the next time I go to the bookstore I know what to look at! =)

I still love your blog no matter what you do because it's reflective of the beautiful person you are!

melissa said...

Great book review Soraya. I also think your blog header is looking fantastic.

Can't wait to read more reviews.