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Thursday, March 24, 2011

dripping inspiration...poetry + journals = this month's O mag

(Oprah shares some of her journal pages in this month's O!)
I picked up this month's O magazine a few days ago and let me tell is just dripping with inspiration!! I know I think that every month...O is the best issue ever...but this month really is! First of all, Oprah shares some of her journal pages with us! Guess what? She has been writing since she was 15! It shows a really vulnerable, corny, human side to her. She says that while she used her journals as therapy in her early her 40's they were full of gratitude because "what you focus on multiplies". So true.

(Maria Shriver interviews Mary Oliver)
This issue is largely devoted to poetry...amazing words and hearts tumbling off these pages. There is an over the top amazing interview with Mary Oliver. So many of us are in love with her poetry but after reading this...I fell in love with her.  She is 75 and overflowing with the fullness of her life, her path, her journey... Even though she had been quite reclusive for most of her life, she is just now starting to expose more of herSELF. And what a treasure trove she is! Totally and completely blown away and inspired.
*Hope you all have a happy weekend . And if you get a chance, grab this month's O (or borrow it from a friend) won't be disappointed!


Diane said...

Thank you Soraya--I will pick up a copy!

laurie said...

i just read this magazine a couple days ago and agree - it is full of wonderful articles! i loved reading more about mary oliver - she is my all time favorite. poetry is so underrated in our society.

thanks for stopping by my blog. no, i am not taking BYW.

journeyseeds said...

This was a nice review. I'm laid up at the moment and magazines are fun to look through. I'll have to ask someone to get me a copy...

eva diva said...

Hey dear, I am officially addicted to, there's just so much inspiration in that site!And I love Mary Oliver's poems, there's so much riches in her words!

desha peacock said...

Hey Soraya! Yes, isn't Oprah just wonderful? I sat down, just like you, and read each page of her journal so carefully. Amazing to see her inner struggles with men and such...I guess she really is human! I've been watching some of her new shows on OWN at night on-line. She is such a POWER HOUSE, right?