My He(ART)-Full Life

Thursday, March 31, 2011

delicious day

We live about 15 mins. away from a string of beaches along the Pacific. Yesterday, my neighbour Mary showed us around a bit. It was a little foggy but super warm. Ca. you really are gorgeous! Tara was just loving the ocean, the sand, people watching and all the dogs! Beach + lunch + farmers market=delicious day!
Hope yours was too:)


kelly said...

Love this post and that photo! XO

Diana said...

Tara's so sweet.

I took my dog for a walk yesterday and it was so hot! So hot that I had to stop for a yogurt. hehe Tucker had some, too. Glad your enjoying SD. It's always a bit cooler than where I am.

Robin Norgren said...

Hello my friend! I know I have been away so long! I have been thinking about you and I know I still need to fill our my questions if you are still interested?

Your baby is becoming so so lovely...