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Sunday, December 5, 2010

disapointment + knowing + blessings

(She Holds the Key to Knowing, mixed media)

Oh!  This weekend just flew by in a haze of  doing so much. We had been looking for a temporary home and  thought we had found the perfect one (Italian style apartments)...but things did not work out. we are back to square one just weeks before Xmas!!! We were so disappointed, stressed and...plain tired of it all. Trying to rush things when we know better. We have been feeling overwhelmed and stressed today with lots of short tempers and "I need my space" moments. There were tears , there was blame, there was anger... But now...late this evening, after  a hot cup of tea, a bear hug from Tim and watching Tara soundly asleep...I am counting my blessings. There are so many people without jobs and families, so many soldiers serving in far away places, so many people in dire situations with lonely, empty hearts...It really puts things in perspective for me. We are going to have the best Xmas ever with a charming tree and thoughtful gifts...lots of photos and eggnog...and most of love love. Things will fall into place when they will...In the meantime, I am going to take a deep breath and be in the moment, heart wide open, trusting the journey.

                               (the days are so warm over and lush too)


ArtPropelled said...

Oh nooooo, I'm so sorry Soraya.... but you are so philosophical. My only thought is that there is something better waiting for you. So often we need time to pass so that we can look back and see why things happen. Thinking positive thoughts for the perfect home for you.

Monica said...

hi there.
so glad you found that inner wisdom and thereby peace.
wishing great days ahead.

scrapwordsmom said...

Bless you, Soraya. So much going on. I will say prayers for you in hopes of you all finding the perfect place before Christmas. Knowing you matter where you are you will make Christmas the most magical experience for Tara!!!

Hang in will happen:)

Love and hugs.


alison said...

wow! how tara has grown from the previous post :)

hope you'll keep trusting that all will be well and all is in divine order. have a good december!

Anonymous said...

I wish had your perspective on life! The trust and wisom that comes from you is truly inspiring!

patty said...

Oh, dear.... yet another learning experience. And, yes, it is inspirational to see how you are finding the good and the lessons in each struggle that you have. You have already blessed so many just by sharing this. Hoping to hear good news very soon!!

Lis said...

oh, there is a buddhist saying that things happen to distract us while something wonderful is being birthed (because we tend to get in the way of things ...) so i know your perfect home just isn't ready yet! meanwhile, you are having a little adventure as a family! and yes, an important practice to flip things around and consider what we do have in our lives.

love that final shot of your adorable girl! what a sweet outfit - and i can feel the sunshine! enjoy these magical days with her ... i can tell you - they get even better! i know, i just blew your mind with that! but it's true!!

xo lis

Kelly said...

EVERYTIME I come to your blog, your beautiful art speaks the words I need to hear!
I'm sad to hear that your place fell through, but everything does happen for a already know that, and the 'just right' place for you and your family will show itself at just the right time.
Thank YOU for all of the nice comments you leave over at my place, they mean a lot to me. :)
p.s. My camera is a Sony 230. My motivation when buying it was price, because I didn't have a lot to spend, but I didn't want to sacrifice quality either. I couldn't be happier with it, especially when my photos get such rave reviews (thank you tons for that too!)
Hope things will come together for you soon, in the meantime, enjoy that beautiful weather. We are buried in the snow here!