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Thursday, December 16, 2010

celebration + inspiration = gift!

                                        (happy wooden a cute shop)

Today was Tim's birthday! There was a delicious steak dinner and parmesan pasta, singing and red velvet cupcakes...A few of his gifts were...a very heartfelt and precious love letter from Tara and I, a framed photo of Tara and daddy, a shirt...lots of hugs and kisses; cards and photos. Usually I home cook a surprise dinner for Tim...but this year we went to a restaurant.

Now for the inspiration! Yesterday I spoke to Patty on the phone for the first time; she lives just 30 mins. or so away from us!! Our conversation was full of warmth and laughter, serious sharing and inspiration. I felt as if I had known her for such a long time...We are going to meet up soon and I just can't wait!
Also, I have some really great reading material right inspire my life and my art:
1. I have last month's O mag. that I never had a chance to read as well as the current one that I just picked up. I can't wait to delve into all the inspiration between these pages! There is an interview with Tyler Perry that is candid, revealing and oh! inspirational!!  Also...there's a scrumptious chocolate-orange shortbread recipe that I can't wait to try out.
2. Artful Blogging-yummy is all I can say! Serious inspiration here!
3. Better Homes and Gardens Do It Yourself mag...such great studio space ideas.
4. The Happiest Toddler on the Block by Dr. Karp. I read the Happiest Baby on the Block from cover to cover, followed every word and it worked like a charm! This book promises to do the same as we head into the toddler years. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
* I hope you all have a great weekend; we are going to be house-hunting both Saturday and Sunday and hope to make an offer by Monday! I know...things are moving super fast, I can barely keep up! Also, I desperately need a mini makeover; I haven't had my hair cut in...forever!! And lets not even talk about the other stuff:)


Robin Norgren said...

Hi sweet heart! I hope that you guys find the PERFECT place to grow and make new memories together. xoxoRobin

patty said...

Soraya! I was so seriously happy, surprised and amazed to hear your sweet voice on the phone! I too feel like we have known each other for a long time and can't wait to share more when we get together in person! Love that you were able to have a lovely birthday celebration in spite of your "circumstances". I know it's probably hard to see now, but I just know you will look back at this time in your life and remember the sweet parts. Keeping positive thoughts for you this weekend!!!

alison said...

hi soraya

before i forget, just dropping by to wish you and family a merry christmas and a happy new year. glad that you had a wonderful birthday celebration for tim. what a great weekend lined up you have, have a great one!

Blue moon mama said...

I'm crossing my fingers In hopes that you find the perfect home to make an offer on. Good Luck!!!