My He(ART)-Full Life

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


(totes-available here)
I have just been tagged! (it's my first time so I am not sure if I have to tag other people or not!)...Leslie...please let me know!!
1. What one book has impacted you the most? I would have a difficult time choosing just one. If pressed I would have to say it is Total Freedom: The Essential Krishnamurti For those not familiar with this startling man and his works can I explain it? He leads one to SELF, not claiming to know the answers...instead, he asks the questions. One of the most brilliant and humble thinkers of any time...he has the ability to transform ...your thoughts, your perspective, your life. any great teacher, he leads us to the door of our own self knowledge. Not for the faint of heart...he asks you to face life full force. His philosophy and mind bridges Eastern and Western thought seamlessly. For those of you who are familiar with Krishnamurti-you already know..."Truth is a pathless land" I will read this book for as long as I am able.

2. What do you wear most days? Most days I have my hair in  a pony tail, no makeup and wearing paint stained sweats and an old tee. With so much to do and a toddler to run after... that works for me. Of course when Tim is here I make more of an effort:)
(what I wear everyday)
3. What is your favorite snack? I am not really a snack person. I guess I would have to say fresh blueberries or blacberries. Apples and cheese. Banana and walnuts. Warm bread with butter and a hot cup of tea.

4. You have just won the biggest prize on a game show. What game show is it? Why? I don't watch T.V. so in my imaginary game show I have just won...a different childhood. I had a truly horrible childhood and today I can honestly say that one of the best things about it...was that it ended. However...because I look at my glass as half full (see question below)...I feel that I have already "won" the biggest prize. Because of these experiences ...I am the person I am ; I see the many gifts it has brought me also. Strength, fortitude, perseverance, self reliance, compassion, depth, character, authenticity, vulnerability...I rarely take things for granted. My life today is much more than I ever could of dreamed...I truly don't think i could ask for anything cup runneth over.
5. You always look at life with the glass.......? Why? Half Full. I am the eternal optimist. I wasn't always that way. When I was about 24, I went through  a particularly devastating experience. Another person had manipulated, deceived and outright set out to hurt me. I was angry and bitter for months and months. But one day I made the conscious decision that, no matter what happened in my life from here on, I would look at the gifts and blessings of the situation. I thought that if this person had succeeded in changing who I essentially was, as a person, then they would have really damaged me and robbed me. As it turns out...that experience was a blessing in disguise. I have been able to hold on to that perspective ever since.
6. Favorite movie. You know the one you can watch over and over and never get tired of? I am not really a movie person. Even with a really great movie...I can only watch it a couple of times. I can re-read a great book forever though!
7. What town did you grow up in? Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa.
8. Do you have a pet? If so what and what is their name? We don't have one right now (no time!). I used to have a Doberman (who was the BEST dog in the whole wide world!) His name was Voodoo... a thoroughbred, was sable with white markings and oh! He was also the smartest dog in the whole wide world:)Tim used to have a German Shephard. Hubby wants us to get a dog and he says he will take care of it...but we all know how that goes, right ladies?!! So maybe when Tara is older.


risa said...

I like your totes! Where did you order from? I have some on the way from anxious to see how they look!

Carola Bartz said...

Soraya, I love that photo of the bread. Do you know that I am a bread person? That was the biggest change for me coming from Germany to the US. We have so many different kinds of bread in Germany, and they're all yummy. The bakeries smell of freshly baked bread, rolls - and pastry. I could NEVER do a low-carb diet, because not eating bread? How could I enjoy food anymore?

scrapwordsmom said...

Soraya...yes, you can tag up to 8 different friends and make up your own questions...but you don't have to;)

I have a super busy day and am out of here so haven't had to really read each answer...I will be back.

Oh, I love bread and hot tea and warm butter, too...YUM!

ArtPropelled said...

Though I don't usually take part in tagging I do love to read the answers to the questions and it was great to learn a little more about you. Your tote is gorgeous and the image shows up so clearly.

SooZeQue said...

Your words are inspiring as are your beautiful bags. Getting control of our thoughts and perceptions is always a challenge. You've obviously done a wonderful job there.

Kerri said...

loved reading your answers and getting to know you better b/c of them.
i am so glad you can look at things with such a great attitude- you're right, it's a choice that we make!
and congrats on being such a healthy snacker and a non-tv watcher!! but gosh, no movies? i love movies....


eva diva said...

Your answer of looking at the glass of life as half full strikes me, I think it's so important to see challenges as blessings in disguise, I'm beginning to do that for everyone who has hurt me and just love them because they bring out the best in me, and the strongest of my soul!I truly believe there are no bad people, just angels in disguise. Looks like I'm the eternal optimist too!

Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of you!

Blue moon mama said...

I love tags like this! You can learn so much about a person. Thanks for sharing!!

Your totes look gorgeous! I too was wondering wear you order them from. Also you mentioned magnets. When will you have those? I can't wait to order sone from you :)