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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Who Does She Think She Is?" and other Girlie Goodness

After a morning of teary goodbyes and heavy hearts (Tim left for Ca), I really needed some soul-fortifying girlie goodness. This video is amazing and an eye-opener; I think so many of us women feel this way everyday. P.S. I found out about this video via Kelly Rae's class, Flying Lessons, which is super Girlie Goodness!

I came across this video ages ago and it is amazing! It appears to be deceptively simplistic but...just watch! It still makes me cry.

This video is close to my heart-it talks about microcredit loans that help women out of dire poverty. It is amazing to think that for just $5-$10, we can change a life, a family, a village! Dare I say...the world...


risa said...

Hi! Yes, I'm in Kelly Rae's class as well. I too loved the "Who does she think she is" video...gave me goosebumps. I was thinking of posting it as is so powerful! Enjoying your blog!

Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

So my sweet new friend, I know how hard it is-that goodbye and separation from hubby -and my thoughts are with you and your little girl today.

The videos...well my heart is ignited-I WANT TO DO MORE! Will you share opportunities on this blog?

soraya nulliah said...

Dear Robin-there is so much out there-I am sure you know of quite a few organizations already. I usually go and click on Global. Here are just a few great organizations:
1. (for 25$ so much can be done). this organization offers microcredit loans. So little can change so much! this gives you photos and stories of the actual people being helped)
2. Finca -another microcredit institution. they have a Sustainer's Circle where 10$ a month helps a woman start a business that is a way out of grinding poverty.
3. ApneAap-20$ will help a girl or woman sold into prostitution for a month
4. Care @ are a great organization and work with women and children in the developing worlds. No minimum donation.
5. For All Women Registry-for 10$, you can share in buying a goat for a family or an Afghan Woman can start a business (for 10$!!)
6. Heal Africa-10$ can fund educational programs.
7. Global Giving
8. Somaly Mam Foundation-10$ can help a girl sold into prostitution (she was actually a child prostitute and devotes her life to this cause now)
9. Women for Women International-you can read stories of women from around the world-women who have survived war, rape, genocide.
10. (this has a specific Women's section)-you can start a petition here, write to Congress etc
11. 50 million missing this is a site where you can learn about the silent genocide against women in India, sign a petition against the Indian Government, volunteer and spread the word.
Two books that I highly recommend are
1.Half the Sky by Kristof and WuDunn
2. Banker to the poor (about microcredit)-Muhammed Yunus
I am sure there is so much more out there. Hope this helps!

Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

Thank you so much, I an going to begin by purchasing the books. I work with for the fund raiser I do but the others are new to me. BTW, where do you sell you art - is it just in galleries or do you sell prints as well?

ArtPropelled said...

Thanks for sharing Soraya.