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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brave Heart...Trembling

Lately (okay, just since yesterday!) I have been feeling BRAVE. And it is a wonderful feeling full of possibility and ...trembling. After last week's "fears gone wild"...this and wonderful, exciting even. Sure....some of the trembling is still from fear but most of it is from sheer....exhilaration and ....anticipation. What I am realizing, more than ever, is that we all have fears....the fears of inadequacy, of failing, of succeeding and on and on. But we cannot let those fears stop us from handmaking our lives and ourSELVES from reaching our full potential. Today I feel...brave.



cath c said...

good for you, soraya!

Lis said...

Love this! I am realizing my fears all revolve around Lack: of talent, resources, trust, time, knowledge, skill, understanding ... the list goes on and on. And then I ask, underneath it all, do I really BELIEVE we are lacking in anything that we need? And I am back to the practice of embracing "I am Enough."

Yeah, being Brave, being Fearless ... trusting our heads will eventually catch up with our hearts.

So wonderful to share this experience with you; i am overwhelmed by all the comments on the site and so it feels wonderful to come here and share what is going on with you.

ArtPropelled said...

I think you would be surprised at what you are capable of, Soraya.

Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

"Our fears can't stop us from hand making our lives"-these words are just swirling in my head. Lovely, poetic and TRUE! I love how you have captured the moments in these pics. I feel that sense of exhilaration coming right through.

eva diva said...

Hi Soraya,

I found your blog as I was reading Jacqueline's posts, so glad and grateful I bumped into your creative space!

I love your art, it has a very unique & distinguish style!and I love the way you write. I'll be dropping by often to get inspiration!

Are you attending Kelly Rae's e-course? I'm your fellow classmate =) Hope you're having a good time learning and gaining insights!

I think writing affirmations on our bodies connect our mind, body and spirit even more intensely!I am looking forward to do that soon.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it seems like so many of us were inspired to write our affirmations on ourselves this week! :) I really love your's!

I am loving Flying Lessons! You haven't seen me because I haven't managed to get through all the comments yet much less post anything of my own but hopefully I'll manage to contribute more soon. Nora started crawling and is beginning teething as well so this week has been a bit of a handful, plus having my hubby home on Monday for the holiday cut into my computer time (but it was well worth it). I did finally manage to post a couple of things to my blog today and now I'm running around the internet trying to catch up with everyone while Nora takes her Nap.

I'm so glad we're taking this course together! It's great sharing it with you.

Johwey Redington said...

Love these photos. Love your artwork. Shows so much culture (I think). Lots of love from a fellow flyer! :D