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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Making Time for Creativity

Well-the first week of Flying Lessons is over and it has been equal parts inspiration, information and...HEART. What an amazing week! One of the recurring issues that a lot of classmates have is finding time for creativity. We all have busy lives with children, husbands, family, jobs how can we make the time to write, paint, blog etc. Like everyone else, I, too, struggle with this daily; I have a toddler who requires my constant attention.  Here are a few tricks that I found work for me:
1. I plan, plan, plan! I really try to utilise the time when baby sleeps.
2. I carry my camera with me everywhere I go. That pic I took last week of a hot cup of tea and an apple pie might be perfect to use for a post on gratitude or simplicity that I have yet to write.
3. I carry a little journal with me and constantly write down ideas for my blog. They could be just scribbles of info. or more thought-out ideas
4. I set aside x# of nights (after baby goes to sleep) to paint no matter what. I don't await for inspiration or an idea, I just start.
5. I really try to set aside some me time-even 20 mins for a hot bath, a cup of tea and a fave magazine or meditation. This replenishes me.
6. I exercise with baby (walks, swimming) so I don't have to use spare time to fit this in.
7. I don't watch T.V. (this may seem extreme but it works!)
8. I cut back on sleep-not a whole lot but even an extra half hour adds up over time.
9. I don't stress about housework. Sometimes if the laundry isn't done or there are a few dishes in the sink; it' s okay.
10. I really try not to allow negative people into my life; I find that this is a major energy-zapper. Of course sometimes, it can't be helped eg a co-worker etc but ...I try to be mindful of the energy I allow into my space.
I have a really supportive hubby so that helps tremendously. Two books I highly recommend to help prioritize and plan are
1. The 7 habit of Highly Effective People
2. The 8th Habit
Both books are by Stephen Covey. They are not the artsy books I love with great visuals; lush art and photography, but these books are EXCELLENT in time management and achieving goals. It gives you the tools so that YOU can write a lush, artsy book! Now I have no idea how women with 3, 4 or more children manage their time to fit creativity in, but I would love to know!! I would love if you shared your tips on how to make time for creativity!


My Owl Barn said...

I stumbled across your blog and love your work! These tips are great, it does help tremendously if you have a supportive husband. It's working for me too and brings great amounts of energy :) Have a great day!

patty said...

Hi Soraya! Wow - great list and somehow you found the time to write and post it! I don't have kids and still I struggle all the time with finding the time to do creative stuff. I end up spending so much time on blogs, FB (and now the flying lessons!)... it's a constant challenge! Anyway, thanks for posting this and keep up the good work!!

Kerri said...

oh i love your list! i get tempted by my tv often and need to just WALK AWAY from it!

i am always amazed that we can always create something that wasn't there before, whether inspired or not, if we just sit down to the task and DO IT!


Jen said...

This is such a great list. Time is always a challenge. But finding time to create is so important to a happy existence.

I found you by way of fellow flyer's blog and I have to say I love your blog. Your art is beautiful, as well as your writing. I look forward to visiting again =)

Anonymous said...

Time management is a huge issue for me. Once upon a time I was actually good at getting myself organized (back when I ran a preschool classroom EVERYTHING was scheduled and I got so much done). I keep thinking of creating a strict schedule with each hour planned out, but I don't have the time to sit down and do it LOL :).

Seriously though, I know there are certain things I'm going to have to give up. TV is one of them. I get alot of inspiration from certain movies & shows but 90% of the tv I watch just sucks my time & adds nothing.

I should really write about this at my own blog instead of pouring all my thoughts out in your comments space. Anyway thanks for inspiring me to think about this!

P>S> I wish my hubby were more supportive. He's absolutely amazing in so many ways but he's old fashioned. Since I don't work he considers everything related to the house or baby to be my job. It's hard to be inspired creatively when you haven't even got 20 minutes to take a bath alone because theres no one willing to watch the little one. :(. Oh well, nothing in life is completely perfect.

scrapwordsmom said...

Hi there Soraya! First off let me say...your artwork is so AMAZING!! LOVE IT! And I am loving your list. So many practical tips. I plan on copying down many of them and trying them out in my own creative endeavors. After reading Kelly's ideas on connecting with other bloggers I promised myself that I would ONLY "follow" those bloggers that I felt a connection with. That inspired me. I wouldn't just "follow" or leave a comment with those bloggers just so they would stop by my blog.

So...I guess what I'm saying is I truly am enjoying your blog. Your passion. Your words. Your art. I am going to be a follower and put you on my sidebar. I think I will want to keep coming back here for more inspiration!!!


PS...I found you in Kelly's class:)

Tejae Floyde said...

Soraya, hello, hello.
stopping by from the flying lessons. wonderful blog you have here.

my trick is to get up 1.5 hours early during the week (before my regular work starts), and spend my weekends in the studio. my honey is very supportive too. :)

i look forward to visiting your blog again.

amy said...

Hello! I've been out of the loop for the last week. I am catching up on your blog over my coffee this a.m.
I'm loving all of your posts and your inspirational and REAL words. Thank you. This post is especially speaking to me...I've been floating in this world of frustration and feeling stagnate. This kind of list seems so helpful to make--not overwhelming, but do-able. Sometimes I overwhelm my self with the "to do's" but this reminds me that it's a step a time...

Johwey Redington said...

This is so amazing - how I'm finding similar-minded people in Flying Lessons. We have similar practices. We even cut-off our cable tv a few years ago to avoid watching shows over and over again. And I have those two books in my library. :D