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Monday, June 7, 2010

Left Brain/Right Brain

I am reading this excellent book The Creative Entrepreneur by Lisa Sonora Beam (a recommendation from Kelly Rae) that is really an amazing book for the right- brain dominant person (like me and maybe, you!!) Prior to reading this book, I had thought that I was exclusively right brained and has almost no left brain capability. I mean, I have always uttered these words as far back as I can remember (I am so bad at math!!). But there is a really neat exercise in this book that really forced me to examine the reality of the situation. And this is what I discovered:

(page from my sketchbook)

 I am not as hopelessly bad at left-brained activities as I had thought. I love (and excel ) at baking and that requires a lot of measuring. I am very good at accounting (numbers) and even though I am not tech -savvy, I did manage to set up every aspect of my blog myself! I also installed a 3 column template for my blog!!! (using the awesome tutorial here). I also love to plan everything from inception to finished product whether it's a painting or  special theme dinner. I understand verbal and written instructions very well, write lists for everything and love details and facts (all left brained characteristics). So many women feel the exact same way I do-I hear it all the time. But I bet if you examine this in depth, you will find that you are really good at many left brained activities. If you sew, scrapbook, bake, cook, plan, photograph, do digital anything,  keep schedules, run a household...then maybe you, too, are a lot more left -brain oriented than you thought!
That being said...I am still predominantly a right-brainer!!

                                                             (page from my sketchbook)   

P.S. I am tinkering with the look of my blog; please bear with me:)


Robin Norgren-Well of Creations said...

I am looking forward to getting my copy of this books-my list is getting INCREDIBLY LONG of "must reads!" I love how your blog is coming along!

ArtPropelled said...

I am definitely more right brained! Your blog is looking good Soraya. Not sure I'm left brained enough to work out the 3 column template especially since I can't get my header photo to fit properly.

Lis said...

Love the new look! Definitely fun to tinker around with things. I will have to check out this book, although I think I am pretty balanced between left and right brain and may be more left anyway. :)

loved your post about making time for your creativity. i know i am going to be challenged with summer here and lots of interruptions to my normal routine. Got to create a new, flexible normal!

yes, am loving Flying Lessons although am behind ... yikes, i spent an entire morning reading comments from a previous post ... i may have to sacrifice some sleep to get through everything!

do tell me more about the 3 column format ... i like how it looks on other blogs; for some reason, i like the simplicity of my 2 column format. would love feedback. i find some blogs get too cluttered and more style than substance (not yours!) so i may be a bit resistant. what are the advantages? or is it more about an aesthetic?

Jacqueline said...

That book sounds really amazing. I will have to check it out later today at the book shop! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us and your pages of very inspring journal! You did a really great job with your blog and the 3 columns is just lovely! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!