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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Magic Eye

My passion for photography has been reignited as of late. I think it's  a combination of having a baby (I want to capture all her moments), starting this blog (I want to share amazing, unique images) as well as being exposed to so many stunningly gorgeous pics in blogland...Can I convey the essence of a person? an object? Can I capture light, emotion? A sense of  time

What if  I could look into the magic eye of my lens...and great-grandmother's life? What would I see ?...(she was married at age 12... her husband was 34... it was arranged)  Would I see...A little bit of prettiness captured in a stolen moment...away from cooking and cleaning and tending to children? Or...more?Are we that different-her and I (besides all the technology and stuff)...I will never know.
What if I could capture everyday moments and send them hurling through time and space to future generations-my great-grandchildren? I will never see them but...perhaps they could see me (and a little bit of themselves... in the process.)
What if I could peer through the magic eye and see pieces of mySELF that I never knew were there?
The camera is magic but we are the magicians. I am going to start this journey of photography and see where it leads...


Anonymous said...

I am absolutely with you on this Journey. Photography has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. As a kid I always wanted to be in the pictures but now as an adult I just want to be able to capture all the amazing beauty and magical moments that make up our amazing and unique lives. Now that my passion for photography has been reinvigorated by the birth of my daughter I want to learn more and experiment more. Maybe we can start learning and growing together! ;)

Anonymous said...

It could do all of that and more..I wonder where it will lead you...XOXOrly

Imagery by Kimberly said...

What a beautiful soul YOU are.

Enjoy the journey - I think you will capture it beautifully!


amy said...

love the images! and what an exciting journey to explore with the camera...i look forward to seeing what unfolds!
i'm on a short trip right now and brought the estes book and am loving it. i've been into jungian books for a long time now...i always love the archetype stuff and the stories. if you ever want to i'd love to get more of your book recommendations!
happy friday

Jacqueline said...

Dearest Soraya, photography is really amazing! I am totally with you on this journey. :) I adore these photos you took and you are so beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


Anonymous said...

I think women would be more respected in our days if they did a little bit less 'pretty' and a bit more real, raw...but that's our very nature and we shouldn't deny it. Unfortunately that is not what the 'art world' is looking for. it's a very interesting subject, I am very curious and looking forward to your post on creativity and women....You are very welcome to use any image of mine and writing.

Robin Norgren, M.A, Owner of Josey's Art School said...

I have suddenly outgrown my old point and shoot camera and am ready to take the leap to *gasp* SLR! I am a part of the Fying Lessons e-course and look forward to learning with you. Sincerely, Robin

jodie said...

i'm right there with often the everyday beauty is overlooked. our lens allows us to capture those moments in time, moments that may otherwise be lost in the business of our lives.

and cheers to a whole new group of magicians to share tricks with (i'm from flying lessons)...