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Thursday, April 22, 2010


I was just on Tracey Clark's blog and her Friday Light: Evolution post resonates with me. It is SO true what she wrote about how difficult it is sometimes to fully appreciate our journey. We can't see how much we have changed because we do so a little bit at a time. A year ago, I was a brand new mom experiencing a multitude of emotions (usually all in the span of a few minutes!) and now, a year later,'s... well, pretty much the same thing! But I have grown tremendously...I have learned to trust my judgements and instincts. I have learned to adapt and multi-task and not take other peoples' advice if they don't work for my family. I have learned how to be more vulnerable, supportive and trusting. I have learned to let go and  set boundaries. Of course, its' all a work in progress and a lot of days, I have to start right back at square one! But I can see and feel the changes in me.
GROW! That has been the recurring theme the Universe has been sending me this past  while. In so many different ways-from different blog posts and challenges, books that have been coming my way, magazine articles, life circumstances... So when I saw this flower pot right in front of me...I couldn't help but smile and then...laugh out loud! This is such a period of growth that right while I am in the midst of it all-I can barely even recognize it. However, if I step back and start to get a little perspective, I am overwhelmed and humbled by what I see. And happy and appreciative too. So I bought the little flower pot and put it in my garden as a gentle remember how far I have come. The growing continues...

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Cecelia said...

Soraya, this post is so insightful. I really feel the same way. In my journey this year it is really a year where I am even more intent with "focusing" on growing and taking the time to step "back" and discovering the possibilities in my journey. "Grow" is such a wonderful descriptive verb synonymous with "journey" don't you think?