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Sunday, April 15, 2012

speaking my true

(on my easel...Speaking her True...prints available soon!!!)
 I just received my May issue of O mag in the mail usual it is chock full of great stuff; book recommendations (I have to pick up Toni Morrison's Home to add to my summer reading list), how to follow your dreams at any age and I came across these great questions right here. I thought it would be fun to post them and...maybe you can answer them too:)
My best advice to my younger self...Gee...I could go on and on with this question:) But if I had to be concise it would be this right here. Dear younger self...don't put up with anyone's bullshit  (all of their meanness, hypocrisy and ugliness) for approval, love, self worth etc etc. people who really love you will respect and treat you well. It seems pretty simple now...but oh!! the stories I could tell:)
The best part of getting older comfortable I feel inside of my to else to be. Living in the now (I still have to consciously be aware of it all the time!!), not taking the life I have for granted and being acutely aware of how short and fragile life really is. Oh!! and surrounding myself with good people.
I'm most looking forward to: watching Tara develop and grow. witnessing her personality develop. Experiencing all the changes and deepening of my marriage. seeing how my art transforms and moves as I do.
I'd most like to learn how to...develop a regular (as in..everyday!!) meditation practice. Okay!! I meditate here & there but I want it to be easy and in the moment. But it's hard work getting my mind to stop chattering & just sit still!!
*Oh!! I have some super exciting news!!! I am being interviewed by Rita Banerji...I am so nervous, excited and...well, nervous!!! In truth...I really don't feel as if I am interesting enough to be interviewed by her!!  She is a mentor, friend and all around fearless + brilliant lady...I am so honored!!! I have been sitting with her questions and reaching far into memory & truth to answer her.

**This is my Tara right here... a few weeks ago...playing dress up!! She simply takes my breath away and I have to pinch myself at how fast she is growing. No more baby in her at all now...all girl, all pretty, all sass & smiles!!

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ArtPropelled said...

Soraya most people have trouble trying to quieten the mind during meditation... especially me! I would also like to improve my meditation skills. I did several retreats at the Buddhist Retreat Centre in Ixopo. Do you remember it? We were told to pass the chatter as if you are walking past a bird singing in the garden. Each time the voices pop up just pass them by and continue on your journey.