My He(ART)-Full Life

about me

Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting!
In a nutshell...this is who I am...

I am a wife, mother, friend, artist, creative soul, seeker, budding photographer...
I adore my husband and baby girl
I love reading
I am a little...uh...quirky!
I. love. my. quirks.
I used to enjoy traveling off the beaten path but now...
prefer staying at home with baby Tara and hubby Tim
there is a discovery in every moment
My fave food: Thai
I've never been accused of being practical.
Fantasy trip: Italy, Indonesia or ...Thailand
I am a work in progress...always

I. am. an. artist.
I can get lost in a used bookstore for hours
I have a serious tea fetish
I love old things rich with history and meaning
In my 20's, I once lived in an ashram for 4 (or 6??) months
I am a nature girl...I get lost in AWE
Also...incurable tree hugger
I'm a proud lefty (politically, that is)
Pet Peeves: tardiness, meanness, hypocrisy
I always be true to mySELF
I am brave
I love the rich tapestry of quilts
I eat so healthy it's actually kind of...weird
Despite the above...I still love chocolates!! (Godiva-the best!)
thanks for reading!