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Sunday, June 12, 2011

our new fave place

(explorer girl Tara)
Last weekend when I attended the Inner Gardening Retreat, I discovered this absolute oasis (thanks Patty!!)
Well, Tara and I have been back there 3 times last week and ...we are officially in love with the place!! The philosophy of the park is to combine art + nature + people!!! How over the top fantastic is that?? 
I want to teach Tara the value of our connection with nature and the earth. I was so fortunate to have had two people in my early childhood years who introduced me to the magic and the mysteries of the natural world. It has sustained me through long hard times and has become a portal through which I experience the Universe and ...mySELF.
(Saturday morning art class out in nature) 
We attended a recycled art class on Saturday morning...children made musical instruments out of everyday household items you would generally recycle. They also offer classes on gardening, music, bread making...
There are rolling hills, lush tropical flowers and foliage, a waterfall, a Lily pond, huge fantastic sculptures, tons of walking trails, a musical garden that you just have to experience to believe.
(Tara playing the whale drum in the musical garden)
The Stein Musical Garden was created with the intention of fostering children to enjoy listening to and creating music. It works-Tara has a blast here!!
                                                            (how amazing is this?)
I think that most children, given the opportunity, are nature lovers. It just makes me so sad that there are millions of children around the world (and even right here in the U.S.) that don't even have access to safe playgrounds, trees, gardening etc.
* If any of you live in So Cal and are interested in attending these classes for children, you can get more info here.


laurie said...

this looks like a wonderful place. you are lucky to have it nearby and smart to take advantage of it. :-)

patty said...

I had a feeling that you guys would love it there.... So glad you discovered the gardens - such an amazing place!