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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Interview with Lis-part 2: the Creative Process

                                                                    ("red hand") 
I am so very excited to post part 2 of my interview with Lis...juicy, insightful, honest!!! It's all about creativity; the path, the process, the practicalities, the passion. I deeply believe that creating takes big huge courage and in the true sharing of our journey (the failures, joy, pain and successes)-we inspire others. Since most of us are interested in the creative life, there are such gems and germs of truth in her answers. She's a mamma (to one super adorable Cowgirl!), yogini, creative soul...amazing woman! And I am just loving these pics BTW-aren't they just superbly...delicious??
* Oh! and you can read part 1 of my interview with Lis right here!

 I understand that you are in the process of "birthing your artistic self"-how fascinating! I think so many of us are on that very same journey. *Can you share what led you to begin this journey?  
This notion of “birthing” my artistic self came about during the second course of Fearless Painting by Connie Hozvicka called Deep.  It is a process where we are in continual dialogue with the painting  and with our Intuitive Self.  It requires a constant letting go of any sense of control and surrendering to the process and seeing where it takes you.  You keep digging deeper and deeper into yourself and it is both exhilarating and nerve wracking.  I had no idea where I was going and I had to learn to trust in myself, trust in the process, in creativity and in Connie.  Out of that experience, a new sense of myself started to emerge and it was then that I felt like I was in the midst of birthing my creative self.   I’m not sure I made the conscious decision to embark upon this path! And it may be an epic labour!  I do know I yearned to reconnect with the little girl within me who loved making art and believed she could be an artist.  She got lost and one day I realized I needed to find her.  

                                                              ("work in progress")
* what are some practical things you do to facilitate this process?
I have been fortunate to have stumbled upon the right teachers at the right time.  I think it is essential to find others who inspire and support this process and who can guide you – if only by their example – on how to nurture your creative self.  I have taken a wide range of online courses.  It is a tricky thing because there is so much out there, I could do nothing but take ecourses and be busy creating.  But I try to balance out developing my interests and skills with appropriate courses.  I have become more selective in what I take as I now have a number of projects and ideas I want to explore. 
                                                              ("me and Goddess")
*  what are some of  the events that led you to declare this journey to yourSELF and the world?
Essential for me is routine and accountability.  Blogging has been a great way to keep myself accountable and creating.  For example, I had this idea to paint 49 paintings by my 49th birthday later this year. As soon as the idea popped into my head, I declared my intention on my blog.  Even if no one else remembers it, I know I committed to this project and I am posting updates on my progress.  So what I blog about is more for me and my own growth.  
 I also have set routines I try to follow.  Fridays are my sacred creating days.  I know that day is set aside for me and my creativity and there is no compromising on that agreement.  I just finished The Artist’s Way and I am a total convert to writing Morning Pages and the Artist’s date (which I like to think of as a random act of self-kindness.)  And I cannot forget the best support for my creativity – my daughter.  This whole journey began from making art together and she continues to inspire me while helping me remain light and playful. We are now embracing our mission to find, celebrate and create joy everyday.  We are Joy Warriors and we accept all who want to join us!  This is how I keep the birthing process moving along.  It can be intense, painful, a struggle but always always it must be joyful. If it isn’t, then I have made a wrong turn. 
 * all photos in this post courtesy of Lis (just gorgeous pics!!)
dear Lis-thank you so much for granting me this interview and giving us insight into your creative journey .


jane said...

LOVE this! xx

Briana, MA said...

Great post and interview. Congrats to Lis on her brave journey and creative birth!

laurie said...

lis is so thoughtful, honest and creative - she inspires me in many ways. thanks for this interview series.

patty said...

How interesting - Connie Hozvicka is the one who does the 21 Secrets course I just signed up for! (I had never heard of her before yesterday.... interesting little serendipity!) I love how Lis describes the creative process... so much I can relate to there... thanks for sharing, my friend!! Hope to see you soon.