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Sunday, May 15, 2011

striving for balance

I am always striving for so many of us.  I read up on how other women (with far busier schedules than mine!) do it. I try out different things but...boy! sometimes it just gets all scrambled up.'s the being is equal parts Eastern philosophy (no time but the present, time doesn't really exist, things will happen when they do...) and the other part is over scheduling, to-do lists, 7 Habits...that sort of thing. I go from work, work, work, do, do, do to...burnout where I am forced to slooooow down and focus on the present. Is it just me, or do you all face that too? So I find that I am always striving for some sort of balance. Maybe part of the problem is I need to stop striving so much? I have started  a regular (okay...a semi-regular!!) meditation practice. Just being in the moment...present...without fear, inadequacy, judgement. A place where I can think anything without attachment...and just watch my thoughts.  I don't know how it's working out so far...I mean...10 mins. of meditation to slow me down and then a cup of coffee to get me going!! See what I mean?


SooZeQue said...

Balance ~ it's hard to plan, because we never know what is around the corner. I'm not sure I actually have it anymore. As I age nothing seems to ever stay the same. Sometimes I just feel like I'm spinning my wheels to nowhere, anywhere, somewhere. Maybe balance isn't all it's cracked up to be. Each day I just go with the flow, perhaps because I don't have to shuffle little ones here and there or perhaps it just a midlife thing. Just go with your He(ART) and all will be well. hugs

Carola Bartz said...

Finding some kind of balance is really difficult. I find that I completely shut down when I'm out of balance - my mojo is gone, my patience is gone and I'm just not nice to have around. Argh!
I once started meditation and then stopped again. I probably wasn't serious enough. That's an "old problem" of mine.

jane said...

You are so cute, Soraya! It's a bit difficult to find balance when a small child is continually surprising you with her little life and it's needs and it's darling existence! But the meditation will help, and going with the flow is an excellent idea as well! Enjoy it all! xx

patty said...

Soraya, I hear you loud and clear! I don't think that in this imperfect life there is such a thing as perfect balance or if there was it would probably be kind of boring.

Having said that....after so many years of a super-stressful job, I think I am doing much better at this point in my life. I do feel I have a pretty good rhythm most of the time that includes the elements I want to include in my life. My guess is that as Tara grows and achieves a little more independence, you will find it easier. It's a season!

The house we are staying in here in Taos is so cool - it even has (you will love this!) a meditation hut!! Can't wait to show you the pics.

Will be headed back home already on Wed. Be well and hope to see you soon!!

Kerri said...

i am out of my old good habit of morning pages, which always felt sort of meditative.

and for weeks now i've been saying i've got to get back to yoga. i fell out of it, then got sick and it was the last thing i wanted to do.

isn't it funny that it's hard for us to find those little pockets of time that we know make us feel so much better!?

kelly said...

I'm in desperate need of balance! I feel like I am always juggling and coming up short everywhere. But, I'm trying, so I guess that's worth something. :)
(p.s. thanks for commenting on my post, even though it was only pictures of a big, yucky bird!)

Lis said...

I am thinking in the creative life the notion of balance is perhaps an impossible notion? Or rather, there are cycles and we have to see things from a wider perspective ... chaos now balanced by stillness (perhaps we believe ourselves to be "blocked?") later.

I too have felt the increasing need for a practice/period of time when I just empty ... funny how then I too run around afterwards, feeling the need to catch up :)

I am hoping my mini morning meditation will eventually extend into moments throughout my day. I think a sunny beach would support me in slowing down!

xo Lis

scrapwordsmom said...

Balance is something I am always trying to accomplish...I am sure there is no end destination to Balance...I think it's the striving that counts:)

Eva said...

Hi Soraya what a topic to ponder upon n reflect,i tink balance is a huge challenge for most ppl,me included,i go thru phases where i work too hard then i crash,i do too much or do nothing,i get too practical or idealistic.then i realize change is constant n i learn to surrender more to the unknown n go with d flow.i try my best to listen to my body if she needs rest,water d garden in replacement of daily meditation practices.I guess what works for me is constantly changing so i m trying not to set too strict a rule or plan too far ahead.walking d middle path can b difficult but i think women play so many roles so we must b gentle wif ourselves if we lose track a lil.