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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

link love

It's been rainy over here and Tara and I have been down with our second bout of the flu in about 3 weeks! Sniffles and sore throats and...general yuckiness!! So it's been hot soup, reading, napping  and cuddling on the couch quite a bit! A few things I have been enjoying lately and want to share with you...
* this blog over here (love her paintings and stories)
* this post by Jen Lemen (How to be Happy -Part II) is sooooo true...every morsel of it! I printed it up and stuck it up where I can read it every single day.
*love this blog full of inspiring goodness + her photography 
*am absolutely going to buy her book when it comes out!
* love this current post by Jen Lee called Some Seasons are for Living  (you can also read my interview with her here)
Hope you enjoy the links...hopefully we will be feeling much better over here soon!
Oh! and thank you to all of you for leaving so many insightful, supportive comments re. my last post. It helps put things into perspective when I get so unbalanced about...well, being balanced!!


Diane said...

Thanks for the links and sharing Soraya.
I hope you you and your little one are feeling better too!

kelly said...

Great links! I hope you two are feeling better soon. XXOO

scrapwordsmom said...

Feel better sweet girl:)