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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

acrylic inks!!

 I've totally been digging acrylic inks lately...I just can't get enough of the gorgeous lush colors!! I've been using Liquitex, Dr. PH Martins and Ranger re-inkers. Here are the reasons I love them:
*they invite me to simply can't NOT experiment and play with them! I's impossible! Nor can you plan things's very intuitive...the colors I use, where I place them etc.
* totally compatible with all other media from oil pastels to collage to chalk paints etc.
* works with multi tasking...I can apply some inks and let them dry for an hour or two while I attend to something else and when I come back...ready for the next layer.

*the colors are so rich and lush...saturated and dreamy. LOVE!!
*not terribly expensive...and a little goes a long way.
*I can layer white tissue paper over the inks to mute the colors and designs but they still show through...creating really interesting textures and color variations.

Love adding my Posca markers and Derwent Inktense blocks over top of they inks...I can mix it in when still wet or layer over top after the inks have dried. So versatile!

Happy creating, friends!!

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