My He(ART)-Full Life

Monday, February 2, 2015

dear Life...

Dear you continue to surprise me!! This past month you have been  full of unexpectedness, mayhem and lots of serious joy squished in. The year started off with various strains of flu bugs, a serious (but not life threatening) medical emergency with Tim and Tara turning 6. Dear Life, recently you have ushered in gifts of patience, fortitude and self care. Dear Life...As I sit here this sunny morning...I am ready to unwrap all you have to offer. I feel brave enough (even temporarily) to rise up and meet you.

Dear Life...I am so very grateful for Tim...the partnership we have...our friendship and leaning on each other in different ways. Marriage has been so good to me and for me. The growing up, the vulnerability, the trust and friendship we continue to build with each step. This deepening of our relationship has taken me by surprise; the ways we meet in love and familiarity. 

Dear Life...My girl turned 6 yesterday...and she is a complete joy. All of her spunk + sassiness, her sparkle + shine...she is growing in leaps and bounds and inspiring me to do the same. She is brimming with spirit! I remember the moment I first set eyes on her like it was yesterday...and all those countless moments after...when I simply couldn't believe that I get to be her mom. How really, she was the one who birthed me and not the other way around. How she makes me want to be a better, more authentic, more patient. She leads me, teaches me, inspires me. Grateful for this sweetness. 
Dear Life...I am so ready to break down the walls of silence that have kept me trapped all these many many years. I am so ready to leap into joy, truthtelling, courage and compassion. I am ready!!! xxx

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