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Saturday, May 24, 2014

transitions, tribulations + transformations

Things have been so hectic here lately...I haven't been able to write a blog post for the past 3 weeks (??). Not because I don't have a ton to write's simply because I haven't had the time to sit still and gather all of my thoughts coherently. Tara graduated from Pre-K and it was exciting, exhilarating and emotional all at once. This past school year has been terribly difficult for our family but we got through the end of it braver, more resilient and (hopefully)...a little more wiser. Tara is absolutely ready for full day kindergarten and while I thought I was...I absolutely am not!!! For the past 5+ years my entire life has centered around this little girl...and now that she is ready to go out into the wider world, I am going to allow her to lead me to this new place of being where I am going to have to redefine my time, my days...mySELF. And it's scary!! But embracing my 2 words of the year...surrender + faith...I am going to take the wide leap over the abyss of my fears into this unknown territory.
Along with all of these changes, transitions, trepidations + transformations...I have come across a few life-changing (and I am not using that word lightly!!)...but truly brilliant people, ideas, concepts.

* After I totally cleaned out my closet and began building a capsule wardrobe...I came across Project 33. A blog that is all about minimalism and focusing on what is truly important in life rather than...stuff! it's about living with less. Post after post resonated with me on a deep level and before I knew it...I started de-cluttering the entire house. I obsessively started getting rid of things we don't use or need...I mean...why do I need so many sets of dishes??? I brought out stored away things for everyday use (Tara has her very own bone china cup and saucer and if it breaks...oh well). I decided to take the Project 33 3 month challenge of not purchasing anything for 3 months. No clothing, household items, stuff for Tara etc. I can do this!!! From June to August...I am emptying out my desires for stuff. I am going to invest in time + experiences rather than buying things. Maybe I'm even going to write about my experiences...maybe I'm even going to enjoy this:)

* Just this last week I watched Super Soul Sunday and saw this brilliant lady talk about parenting. I couldn't pull myself away from her....everything she said called me in ways deeper than I can explain. She combines Eastern philosophies of mindfulness with Western psychology and ...she simply makes sense!!  I watched her TED talk, googled and read everything I could about her and ordered her two books (here + here). She speaks of how our past wounds affect our parenting, what it means to be a conscious parent and the greatest gifts we can give our children is to simply allow them to be who they are without our projections and agendas. She talks about changing the entire parenting paradigm that says that parents/adults are on the higher end of the hierarchy and children on the bottom. She invites us to view our children as our greatest teachers and to fix ourSELVES rather than focus on their behavior. Our children are mirrors of who we are. So I am working toward being more conscious of my behavior, of my thoughts + actions...of being more mindful + present. As a parent... a truly humbling experience is for me to have beginners mind...seeking + accepting help when I need it and acknowledging...I am learning how to be a parent...with every every moment. "Our children are here to usher our growth"...Dr. Tsabary says. Truly revolutionary discoveries. 


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