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Sunday, April 27, 2014

storytelling from the soul, spreading my wings and taking a leap!!

Dear friends: It's with a heart full of gratitude that I write this today.  I have some wonderfully exciting news...I am going to teach an Art Journaling Workshop this summer!!! I am excited beyond belief!!! Truthfully...I have wanted to teach for such a long time step outside my comfort zone, share all I know and (hopefully) inspire others to make the journey to the doorstep of their own creative wellspring.The story behind the story goes a little like this...I had made the decision to put my art on hold until next school year when Tara starts full time kinder. And while I was 100% okay with this...I still had a deep (but frustrated) need to express my creativity. So...a few months ago when I was contacted by the darling women at Invincible Heart Co. it all just felt deeply right.

And while I am terribly scared (it's the very first time I'm teaching) ...I feel deeply humbled, grateful and excited that I have been given this opportunity. I know from long experience how healing art journaling these pages are made sacred as a space to connect to our SELVES, each other and truth. I know how committing with the deep intention to be ourSELVES leads us to doorways and paths that  we never could have imagined. It's truly magical. So...if you live in the Colorado Springs area or Denver (it's an hour drive friends!!)...I would love love love to have you join us!!! You can sign up here !!! xxx

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