My He(ART)-Full Life

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


*I've given up on balance...and have surrendered to the fact that life is what is it with all the ebbs + flows. Some days + weeks are easy + relaxed and others are full to the brim exhausting with appointments + classes and schedules. It forces me to be present and  in the moment.
* I've let go of the fact that someday I'm going to fit into x. y and z clothing...that someday I'm going to lose those last 10 pounds or hang onto clothing items that clearly do not fit our active mommy lifestyle. De-cluttering big time over here...gone + gone. I have been reading on how to build up a capsule wardrobe (who knew!!) so dressing up is fun, easy + practical and I can look pulled together in minutes. Working toward that:)
*  I am moving toward surrender in ways large + small. Knowing deep in my heart that my path is being carved out with every single choice I make. There are changes in the air and it feels good.
* Spring has been showing herSELF in little bits + pieces...birds chirping, tiny little buds appearing and crisp mornings that hold so much promise. Love this time of year!
* I have discovered the simple joy of monthly calendars pinned to the wall above my computer; it allows me to see what's ahead and plan accordingly. The regular yearly wall calenders don't work as well for me for some odd reason:)
no more striving!!!! Simply allowing what is to be...
*life is good! A lot of hectic times coming up but very very grateful.

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