My He(ART)-Full Life

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


A few things that make my heart go pitter-patter...
*creative inspiration, art journaling and storytelling. This pic. above is one of my latest art journal pages using the mixed media kit from Invincible Heart Co. Loving all the goodness emerging!
*spring!!! It's in the air...I can feel her coming! I simply can't wait to get out my flowery, lacy, printed skirts and dresses +  witness all the trees and flowers come into bloom. Not to mention the warmer's been a long winter, friends!

*fresh flowers!!! I always try to keep a vase (or two) of flowers in our home year round. Whether they are gorgeous roses or a sprig of something or other...they make our house come alive! I simply feel happier around flowers!
*this amazing blog right here! I stumbled upon it many years ago and immediately fell head over heels in love...her writing, photography and take on food (mixing up recipes with storytelling) had me hooked! So when I recently came upon this delicious breakfast (or anytime else!!) recipe...I decided to try it out because I love creamy, adore figs + when you add honey...well, what can I say???

*date night with my husband!!! It's been ages since Tim and I could sit and chat over a glass of wine...just relax and enjoy each other. So when it happens...I totally don't take it for granted. I am so very grateful...after all these years...I still think he's the most handsome, charming, interesting man...+ my best friend. He makes my heart go pitter-patter! Love.

*started a brand new journal last week...loving this one from Papaya! Filling up pages + pages with stories + dreams, hopes +'s the simple things, right??
*this word  right cantadora. I first came across it many, many years ago in Women Who Run with the Wolves...but right now, at this time in my just sends my heart racing! It means...keeper of the old stories...and Dr. Estes talks at length about the layers + layers of stories we all have hidden inside of us that need a voice, that simply have to come from a place of truth + vulnerability so we can connect...soul to soul. How amazing is this woman???? So very grateful for her presence, her works and her gracious spirit!!

*I had 3 hours alone in a coffee store with some fave. inspirational mags...heaven! Love paging through endless pics. + articles about everything creative...mixed media, studio spaces, art journaling, home decorating...colors + prints + paints...swoon.
*Lupita Nyongo!!!! She broke my heart and laid me bare in 12 years a Slave! Her beauty + brilliance is breathtaking; I can't take my eyes of this talented lady. Total girl crush!

*loving the wide open spaces here in Colorado...surrounded by mountains and endless skies...I can breathe! A lot of times as I go about my day...I am taken aback by the sheer rugged beauty of this place. It gives me pause...and makes everything right in the world.

*And my gorgeous, growing up waaaaay too fast she is just brimming with happiness...which makes mamma happy:) Mothering her has transformed me, has taken every single part of me and turned it upside down. Where I used to be closed I am open. Where I used to be filled with trepidation...I now jump in with eyes closed! She has my heart, this sweet girl!

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kelly said...

Such a happy, heart-warming post, Soraya! Glad to see you are doing well. :)