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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

serendipity, invincible heart co. + mixed media heaven!!!

Just last week I wrote about feeling a bit blue...a bit jealous + frustrated about my creative life. The truth is...I made the decision to scale back enormously on my art/blog/photography etc to focus more on Tara. She's an energetic 5 year old who wants to go places and do things and tell stories and play puppets and I'm...well... a 45 year old mom trying to keep up with her as best I can:) I realize that these years are short, that time flies by, that pretty soon I will have more than enough time to focus on my art. I know all of these things so I am 100% okay with my decision. Truly. Yet...I still yearn to write and make art and indulge my inner photographer and so on:) So honestly...there has been an inner emptiness that only creativity can fill. So...imagine my surprise when I received an e-mail last week with an intriguing offer  requesting a meeting with me...

Now...imagine a huge historic schoolhouse turned creative oasis...complete with high ceilings, old wooden floors and architectural details in an old + artsy part of the city. Imagine 2 darling women who decided to follow their hearts and dreams to open up a business where women could connect + create and commune. Where art and creativity is used to heal, inspire and lead us deeper  to our true SELVES. Imagine meeting 2 people for the first time and having an instant connection of hearts and minds. Imagine  a space where every nook is filled with such loving attention to detail...where you think you have died gone to mixed-media heaven...where the space is infused with so much love and don't want to leave!!!

Well friends...I didn't have to imagine any of it...because it's all right here...Invincible Heart Co.    

There's so much good stuff ahead...I can hardly stand it!! More soon. xxx

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