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Monday, January 13, 2014

love + inspiration

 Hi friends...there's so much awesome great stuff that I'm inspired by lately...I can't wait to share!! But the very first thing sweet baby girl is turning 5 in a few weeks and we are savoring every moment of her being 4. I'm explaining to her that every age is a good age and while it's sad to let parts of ourselves's also super exciting to welcome all the changes and excitement being 5 will bring.

* last week someone mentioned this book to me and then I saw it on Super Soul Sunday...I read through some of the reviews on Amazon and ...totally going onto my reading list for this year!
* not quite sure how I came across these pics...but they capture love, loss, the transitional nature of life, grief, beautifully. So inspiring. And a powerful nudge toward the value of being present to it all.
* I started reading this book (a Xmas gift) and simply can't put it down! It's giving me a sense of the man and the history surrounding the time + place I was born into. A history that is not distorted by my childhood perceptions.
*these stunning wedding pictures  of Andreas and Zani brought tears to my eyes. This wouldn't have even been a possibility in the South Africa I grew up in.
*this breathtakingly talented little girl Botlahle Boikanyo who is a storyteller, poet, actress, brilliant advocate and adorable to boot. Her poem to Madiba made me cry for so many reasons...but mostly for the truth she speaks. Powerful stuff right here. Tara is in love:)

 * this TED talk right here by Boyd Varty speaks out about Ubuntu "I am because of you" , Mandela and what he's learned growing up in the bush. He speaks about our shared humanity, generosity of spirit and the magic of (South) Africa. He says "In the cathedral of the wild, we get to see the best parts of ourselves reflected back to us"

And I am inspired to eat healthy...trying to make every meal an adventure. I've added quinoa, flax oil, fresh berries to my diet (love!!), am eating more fish (salmon, tuna + sardines) and fill up my plate with fresh greens. I'm also trying to eat more small meals throughout the day and drink tons of water. And, of course, I still splurge every so often:)

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