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Monday, December 2, 2013

things I love!!!

Friends...I've been simplifying...big time. Making room for the important things...creating + loving + and fun. I simply can't believe it's December already...where oh! where did the year go?? If anyone knows...please tell me:) I wanted to share a few fave things/ideas that have me so inspired + grateful.  I am discovering that the very best gift I can give mySELF + my family is the gift of time, love + simplicity.Of course with a healthy dose of gratitude in there too:)
* storytelling! We are all about sharing our deepest stories over here...the ones we have lived, the ones we hope to live + the ones we create for the simple joy of it!! I came across these amazing puppets that are full of character + life...just begging for stories to unfold ... I am so getting a few of these as Tara's Xmas gifts. Very reasonably priced on, here + here! Also...this tree puppet  is amazing, right??? I've noticed that the more space I create for storytelling and imaginative play, the more Tara blossoms and it spills over into everything else. Her imagination and creativity astound me...all I have to do is get out of the way and allow her brilliance and magic to take over.  I am also going to try my hand at making a couple of hand puppets...I have so many ideas swirling around:)
 * loving curling up in front of the all lit up Xmas tree after Tara's asleep with a cup of tea + a book...chatting with Tim about our collective + individual dreams....cherishing these simple moments.

* grateful for the e-course with Brene ...I can hardly stand it! A couple of weeks ago we talked about boundaries...aaaah!!! so difficult for most of us. And this week we are covering having the courage + confidence to step into uncertainty. And of course...for most of us...that's pretty terrifying. I think what has helped me over the accepting that life, by it's very nature, is uncertain anyways. I mean....there's really nothing we can do to change that so the best course is to walk into that river of "always changing" while knowing that we can embrace all of our joys + sorrows...fully step into that space and present. Very difficult (but necessary) soul work going on!!!
 * the sweetest sweetest thing that has my heart leaping + quivering is that this year Tara has been making little gifts, wrapping them up by herself and leaving them under the tree for Tim + I. She declares that she has to go into her studio and do her work...which is mostly being adorable. How sweet is that:)

*It's the season to bake!!! We have been making all sorts of goodies over here...gingerbread cookies (simple + delicious recipe here), pies (trying out a crust from scratch, you guys + not quite sure how it's going to turn out but keeping my fingers crossed!)..and am just dying to try out these pistachio + cranberry icebox cookies! The very best part...most of these are going to be gifts:)

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kelly said...

I'm not so great at the boundary thing either, but I've been getting much better. It's messy work! You sound happy. :)