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Monday, November 4, 2013

the past week around here

 The days have been full of pumpkins, school parties and trick or treating over sweet girl picks out her own costume now and, of course, it's all about the princesses!! Tara wanted to be Jasmine and she just brought her to life...what do you think?? All we needed was the magic carpet, right:) She is growing up waaaay takes my breath away and brings me to tears sometimes.But I am relishing all of our time together...tea parties on the floor of her bedroom, photowalks, singing, reading and baking. She is the jewel of our lives...truly.
My sweet girl and being a witchy-poo:) I was going to be an Indian princess but it was just too much work to get both me and Tara all gussied up. Besides...only one princess allowed per house, you know:)

Loving the crisp (and sometimes very cold) Fall walks around here. The colors are simply breathtaking...stunning. And I love pointing stuff out to Tara...getting her out in nature under the blue gray skies...crunchy russet leaves under our feet.Bliss. bliss. and more bliss.

We celebrated Diwali this weekend. Truthfully...I haven't really done that in past years with Tara but as she gets older, I really want her to have a complete sense of the richness and complexity of her identity. I am starting to buy her a few Indian clothes (what's not to love...bright colors and sparkles???) and explain certain cultural aspects I'm proud of. As she gets older...I will explain more. And, of course, I want to take her to India one day!!!  

Loving loving loving my e-course with Brene. I am somehow processing way more listening to Brene talk  and answer questions than just from reading the book.She's sharing her own journey and life path with us and talks of the importance of creating the space to do our do this work. She also shared (in this morning's video) the difference between striving for excellence (wanting to be our best) vs perfectionism ("what will they think???"). So many aha!!! moments, I can barely stand it!!!


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patty said...

Wow - lots of goodness! Tara looks just bee-you-ti-ful in her princess finery!!