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Sunday, July 14, 2013

painting redo: day #14

 Sometimes...I complete a painting and just know when it's done! I love it when that happens...when everything just falls into place. When the painting reveals itself and tells me a story. But...about half the time...I need to rework my paintings. I put them aside for awhile and then get to them later. With this painting...I was very happy with some parts of it...but other parts were just not right somehow. I had no idea what exactly was not working...but I knew I needed to keep on painting. So I added collage ...dictionary pages, text, found papers...

 Then...I added more paint, drips and splatters of translucent ink in burnt sienna...more collage...some stamps and texture

 added lots of opaque blue paint...and more inks over top of that...also...two wings appeared. Maybe they will stay in the final painting or maybe not. I never really know and that's the magic of creating. isn't it?? The thrill of playing and experimenting and waiting for the the stories to unfold.

Here's the way I left her after my studio time...still not done but she's on her way to the painting she's meant to become. Stay tuned...

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