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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

transforming fear into faith

It never fails to happen this way in my never fails to show up in this particular way for me. Every single time I start to have the most awful fears, insecurities and OMG!!! ..I have no idea what I'm doing...a door (or window) will open up for me. Does that happen to you as well???
The process for me goes something like this...overwhelming fear and insecurity attack, sometimes nausea and overwhelm, then a conscious choice to take  a deep breath, let go and surrender (so so difficult). To simply...allow. For mistakes, mishaps, serendipity, grace,!! To rest deep in the knowing that I have done my very best, given my all...and...that's that!!! And then...when I have finally wrapped my arms around the fact that simply being able to get up in the morning and CREATE is such a joy, such an beautiful journey in and of itself, such an honor and a privilege...once I embrace the frustration and the challenge...something shifts and opens. 
And it doesn't have to be something huge, can be a simply sincere compliment, a kindly soul reaching out to me gets me to take the next step. And then..all those tiny steps may lead to something larger and much more than I could ever dream up.  
It's the process of transforming fear into faith.
I am so honored and privileged to have been included in this magazine. It's focus is on artists around the world using their medium to create social awareness and bridge cultural differences; "it's a digital space where art meets activism, empowerment, and social responsibility." You can read my interview here. 
Dear Ms. Ali-thank you for believing in me, supporting my work and giving me this forum to reach a broader audience. I am truly humbled and grateful. 
*P.S. This is the GIRLS I am especially happy to have been included:)

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