My He(ART)-Full Life

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

blog makeover!!

I've been tinkering around with my blog these past few days...I have been wanting to do it for ages but never quite got around to it! I started by writing in my journal what I really wanted my blog to look like, feel like... and inspire. I brainstormed and what I came up with was...heart, authenticity, stories, soul, more art (technique, in progress, completed pieces), larger pics, heart-FULL writing, poetry, light, community...more stories. I'm sure I'm going to make even more (smaller) changes in the next little while. 

I've also been taking tons of pics...trying out new techniques + prompts...seeking light + air + breath. I took this very unconventional mommy/daughter portrait the other day...and I love it!!! Tara and I were making paper hearts when this one fell on the floor...we both went to grab it and then I saw an amazing opportunity in my mind's eye.

Also...can you believe we had a blizzard today??? Yup! It's April!! So we decided to make the best of it...and bake these scrumptious chocolate chip/coconut cookies. Tara loves baking and we've been doing it ever since I can remember; it's one of our fave. things to do. Tara gets so makes me beam:) All that pouring/measuring/mixing goodness that she can really get her hands into. The best part?? How she's super proud + happy when it's all done.
Happy weekend!!


Lisa Gordon said...

Your blog looks wonderful, Soraya, and so do those cookies!! :-)

Anonymous said...

love u n t's portrait! and the mental image of you cooking together ;) loving the bigger pix xx