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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

intentions 2013

I am not very good with New Year's resolutions. I used to make them...long lists...get all super excited and raring to go and then, promptly forget about them by the first week of February!! So now I simply hold intentions. It seems easier this way...more gentle and...doable somehow. are a few of my intentions for 2013
* draw more. I intend to spend some time drawing each day...even for just 5-10 minutes.
* keep up with my workout routine. Because I can't run anymore (knee problems...ugh!!) doesn't mean I can't  do other stuff. These past few months I have totally let my exercise routine go and I am feeling it. Hello self care!
* speaking of self care...taking some time to simply relax each day...a bubble bath...a cup of tea and a magazine is a mini vacation!

* write more! I came across this amazing list for writing authentically from this blog over here (thanks Susannah!!)
* Actively make more time to read. Before I become  a mom...I devoured books constantly but now I just don't have as much time as I used to. Still...I intend to read more.I have a stack of books by my bedside that are calling me!
* More down time...taking evening walks holding Tim's hand, playing with Tara, stargazing and dreaming. Sounds good!
* Allow my heart to guide me. I am feeling my paintings shift...more body, more hands. more expressiveness.

* making more time for conversations, impromptu picnics and simply being present.
* not beat up on myself for all the stuff I can't get done. I wish there were 100 hours in each day but...there aren't! So I have to go easy on myself and know that things will unfold as they are supposed to.
So...those are some of my intentions for this year. I am just holding them in my heart and letting them direct my energy. Hope you all are doing well this first week of February!


Katie said...

So many good intentions! We share some of those. It is easy to overwhelm yourself w/ lists. :0)
Looks like you're off to a good start!

jane said...

Those intentions are just lovely, and we could all use your wisdom with these...xo Jane

Carin Cullen said...

Wonderful intentions. And we share some of the same ones :)