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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


* I received this gorgeous postcard in the mail yesterday from Lis over at Dandelion Seeds and Dreams. It made my day and put a smile in my heart. Love the simple gesture of open hands; an offering of heart. I immediately put it up on my inspiration shelf! Thank you so much Lis...for brightening up our day:)
* I loved reading this heart-full post from Robyn...a homage to kitchen tables. I read it (twice) while sipping my morning coffee. Love the insights, the simple beauty, the delicious images.
* I have been spending waaaaay too much time on Pinterest lately. It's my go to for inspiration + relaxation these days. I have the best of intentions to only stay on there for 15 mins. or so...but before I know it...a whole hour has passed by!! Who can blame me??? But I gotta' stop!!

* I am actually having some fun (can you believe???) sketching hands. Just letting go and filling up pages and pages.Love my new sketchbook BTW...the pages are delicious, sturdy (can accept light washes) and small enough to take with me everywhere. At first, I didn't buy into the Moleskin hype...but now I am seriously hooked! Just try one out and see for yourself!
* Working my way through One Year to a Writing Life and just loving it more and more. The exercises are interesting, inspiring and totally doable (read...not overwhelming). Already I feel as if I can reach deep down into my heart and memory and write more clearly. I am learning the value of editing (make every word be the very best) and practice (as in develop a writing practice every single day!).

* I just discovered this article right here and am absolutely blown away and seriously humbled. I can't believe that someone actually wrote a paper on my art. It brought tears to my eyes and made me incredibly happy. What I was especially proud of was the strong feminist approach that comes through (Yes!!! I am a feminist) and I don't separate my art from my life; that comes through loud and clear in this paper...and that gives me courage to continue with my work. It's a reminder that I can be brave (+ you can too!!!)

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ArtPropelled said...

I really enjoyed reading the article and it brought tears to my eyes too. As for Pinterest! I have to curb myself soon!Too much time flashes by once I start pinning.(Thanks for mentioning the table post)