My He(ART)-Full Life

Friday, December 7, 2012


Lately (the past few months)...Tara has completely stopped taking her afternoon naps!!! This has forced me to re-think/re-plan/re-schedule...everything!!! Before, we would both take a little nap (it was the best!!). Then...even though I would be exhausted in the evenings after I put her to sleep...I could still come into my studio and paint until 1 in the morning. But's a completely different story!! Our days are full of driving her to "school", classes and play dates. In between...we manage to make time for science experiments, reading and writing, arts and crafts and going to the park. Plus there's b-day parties, celebrations + Xmas coming up. Keeping up with a toddler is exhausting my age, that is:) So...a brand new schedule is in order over here.

I have deliberated...should I put off my art for a little while?? But I came to a resounding...NO!!! Besides keeping me (relatively)'s an absolute necessity to me. I'm going to be an old lady one day (maybe with a hundred books + cats all around) ...sipping pots of tea...painting away. It makes me happy. So...alternatively...I have decided to cut back on some other housework:) Seriously though...I just squeeze in painting time when I can these days. A little bit here and there add up. Plus...I spread some of my stuff on the kitchen counter to give me easy access throughout the day. every small step counts! And because i crash right after getting Tara to sleep at night, I am able to get up pretty early in the morning 4:30 to 5!!

Life is all about adjustments + changes...growth. At the end of the day...this is what's truly important to Tim and I...this beautiful smiling girl right here. I want her to know that I am there for her...while also being there for mySELF. As I send her off into the world...I know that right now she is looking to me...for the answers on how best to be herSELF. This is  a pic of her today before she went to school...happy + bubbly!
Our mission these next few find some Xmas tree lights!!! Everywhere we've been..they are all sold out!!! Hope you all have a great weekend. xxx


Carin Cullen said...

Seriously, you sound just like me. Right down to the art spread out in the kitchen so you can work on it whenever. Love it!

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Oh my goodness Soraya. I know exactly how you feel. It is tough to balance art, life & kids, especially ones so young like Tara & my little boy. Our universe revolves around them (gladly), yet we have to take care of what makes us sane as well! Nothing more beautiful than a loving Mommy Heart. :) May we find time for it all. xoxo

ArtPropelled said...

Have you thought of doing housework when Tara gets home from school. You can do it together :-)
School time could be for art.

patty said...

Well, I'm guessing this isn't going to be the last time you will have to change your schedule.... but knowing that you have your priorities in order, I know you will navigate the changes and make it all work (and keep doing ART!)