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Sunday, November 4, 2012

in the midst of living

This past week has been tiring and draining and exhilarating and stressful the midst of living. Lately I have been overwhelmed from too many to do lists, late nights and early mornings and do do do which all kinda' caught up with me. So...I have been tending to mySELF over here. Doing all the things that make me feel loved and healed and cared for. Long walks with Tara, movie nights with Tim...sipping tea and reading. Also in my studio making art and trying out new things. This is actually the cover of a journal I am working on ...heart(FULL) of stories. I find that combining words with images with truth = soul medicine. I am processing pain + broken dreams + and some of my life disappointments. And alongside these wounds live so many gifts that have emerged. Gifts that are tender and precious that have been birthed by my very pain.

And Tara started "school" (part-time) and has adjusted wonderfully. According to her teacher she is poised and confident and curious about everything. And of course I am so so proud of her...this beautiful shining star of a girl of mine...but another part of me has kind of fallen all to pieces. She's growing up waaaay too fast and time is just slipping through my fingers. What I wouldn't give to hold that tiny little baby in my arms ...yet also happy that I get some time in my studio now. All these conflicting pieces are the normal ebb and flow of life....and I am trying to go with it as best I can.

And I have some wonderful news to share as well!! I'm published in the current Cloth, Paper Scissors magazine. Actually...I won an essay contest where I share my unlikely (and painful) journey to the creative life and it's all right here on these pages!!! So very excited and thrilled to pieces!!! Just a few short years ago I never would have dreamed this possible and am ever so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you to everyone at Interweave publishing!!!


laurie said...

i'm glad you slowed down a bit after some busy days of living. i go through some of the same ups and downs, reflections, sadness and weariness that you describe. i think that by living fully we have to open ourselves up to it all, for better and worse. i am thrilled about your published work and can't wait to get my copy. :-)

Anonymous said...

ooh,i shall be trying to pick up a copy of the mag today! and after busyness and trip to canada, some days of reflection and processing are good self care: the dare work goes really deep...
watching your tara move more into the world is an emotional journey, she is confident because of all your wonderful mothering, but where is that cuddly, chuckling baby! a little friend has just started school and i remember carrying him round the garden to look at butterflies...sigh! and hugs!

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

I just saw your writing this weekend while having a little coffee & magazine catch up at Barnes. SO beautifully written!! Your journal cover looks lovely and exciting new times for Tara. You are a wonderful Mama and I am sure it is an adjustment for you too. They DO grow up way too fast. Take care of yourself this week and just breathe. :) xoxo

patty said...

Good stuff, Soraya, and yes, ebb and flow for sure... I'm so excited to hear that Tara is adjusting well to her first school experience!! That will set the tone for the years ahead and make it a better transition for all of you. And published again?? Ha, ha, not surprised... keep em coming! I never seem to get to places where they sell those, but I will have to make an effort! Yay!! Way to go!!!

artlover said...

Hi Soraya!
I learned about you from your article in Cloth,Paper,Scissors.
Lovely art ;-)